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Tue Feb 12 2013, 06:39pm

Joined: Jan 24 2010
Member No: #38
Location: Celbridge

I have to attend to creaking from the plastic surrounding the left hand tweeter on one of the cars this weekend. Spoiling the sound experience. But it certainly would not put me off!


Phil C.
Tue Feb 12 2013, 07:47pm
Joined: Jul 20 2010
Member No: #188
Location: Lancashire
we've occasionally had a small rattle ... almost every time it's been from something stowed on the centre console - eg: our iPhone 3Gs fit conveniently (with charging lead) in the slot just to the rear of the gear selector, over the cigar-lighter and, if it's not sitting quite right, it can rattle ... and the cabin acoustics mean the noise can seem to be coming from almost anywhere else in the car (so we're usually slow to identify the real source) ...

once or twice it's been the plastic cover behind the rear-view mirror (at the top of the windscreen) ...

plus there's a screw or some-such free somewhere behind the centre console, seemingly behind one of the the air vents, that occasionally rolls about when we go around a corner ... could be the sort of thing a small child might have stuffed through the grill ... (?)
Tue Feb 12 2013, 07:59pm
Joined: Jul 20 2010
Member No: #188
Location: Lancashire
the Thesis, at least in photo's, looks a bit sad - it reminds me of the biggest (European) Ford of the mid-1980s, that also somehow looked quite sad ...

sad, as in unhappy !
Tue Feb 12 2013, 10:39pm
Joined: Sep 18 2012
Member No: #1031
Location: Bucharest
I wouldn't go as far as calling it amateurish, but I do know what you mean... No car this beautiful should suffer from such trivial issues like squeaks & creaks, or cold weather issues, or any other stuff like that...

But please, bear in mind that whichever problems of this sort you might experience, I experience the same tenfold because of the roads here... I mean don't get me wrong, Romania is not in the middleages or nothing like that... we do have asphalt on the roads, and boulevards with multiple lanes, and other contemporary "motoring assets" But what we seem to be unable to do apparently is have more than a mile of absolutely perfect road surface... Wheather it's water drains that aren't level with the asphalt, winter cracks and potholes that haven't been fixed yet, man made ditches or holes (when they're working on water or gas pipes), portions of scraped off asphalt waiting for a new asphalt layer or any other thing you might think of, it's just way more common than what I've seen in other countries that I've driven through (and not to brag or anything, but I've been driving through a couple of countries, including Bulgaria, Albania, Hungary, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Denmark etc).

I mean, if I were to live in another country, say Denmmark, or Italy, or even Bulgaria (sad to say that even they have better roads than Romania), I probably wouldn't even notice the ocasional squeak or rattle

Wed Feb 13 2013, 09:29am
Joined: Apr 16 2012
Member No: #868
Location: Harpenden
Sam - understood and you have my sympathies.

C6 Dave - I think in the past you, or one of the other more experienced, informed and thoughtful amongst us C6 fans has stated that the low volumes of production have meant that every car really is likely to be quite different in terms of aspects of construction quality. Hence, it's quite possible for your cars not to have the same quirks as mine. I do think that the quality of some of the plastic components (like the tweater speaker surrounds) does not do the rest of the car justice, and it does creak irritatingly.

I have another phenomenon on my car. I think it is linked again with changes in heater temperature, or the automatic adjustment of the air circulation intake, in that an odd groaning creak will suddenly emerge from the dash - like something expanding as it heats up. Actually, I find it quite amusing, but, again it's not the kind of thing I have had in any other car I have owned.
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 smihaialex (13 February 2013)
Wed Feb 13 2013, 11:17am
Joined: Sep 18 2012
Member No: #1031
Location: Bucharest
@ChrisHunter: I always put my iPhone there too... Lucky coincidence how that space fits the iPhone perfectly... And because Apple didn't change the width of the iPhone since its launch back in 2007 it fits all iPhones including my 4S and my wifey's 5... And if you go for a plastic back cover, the fit is quite snug - no rattle whatsoever

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