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C6 Xenon Headlamp Bulb Wiring Repair and RHD to LHD Conversion

I've just bought my first C6 a few weeks ago and must say I'm very pleased with it. It's a 2006 2.7 HDi Exclusive and it's a big step up from my old C4 VTS. I'm really enjoying cruising around in comfort and silence!

Unfortunately it's got a couple of minor niggles I need to sort out, but nothing too drastic. It seems full beam is not working on the passenger headlight. When I first used full beam while driving I noticed the lights would flicker brightly a few times then the light would dim a bit, but would still be an improvement over dipped beam. I presume this was the passenger side working intermittently, but now it doesn't work at all.

From reading the headlight document on this site I understand that full beam is achieved by lifting the lens or some sort of shutter redirecting the beam, rather than using a separate bulb. It seems this is done by an electromagnet.

When I pull the light stalk to turn on full beam I can hear a clunk from the working driver's side and can see the light pattern raise on that side, but no noise from the passenger side.

All other functions on the passenger side seem fine, including self levelling and directional changes. So far I've disconnected the headlamp connector to check for corrosion, but all looked clean and making good contact. I get no errors on the alert log.

Is it possible to repair the full beam function of the headlamp, or would I be looking at a whole new unit? I gather they are very expensive!


I did some work on this over the weekend and pleased to say full beam is now working correctly. I partially removed the bumper enough to remove the headlamp from the car so I could have a proper look at it and understand how it works.

ADMIN: there is a guide to accessing the bulbs: - Click Here -

I can confirm the xenon bulbs are definitely not dual filament as suggested elsewhere. In front of the bulb and reflector is a metal flap that half obscures the light output. This flap is hinged at the bottom and spring loaded so its natural position is up creating dipped beam.

Underneath the bulb is an electro magnet that pushes the flap outwards and downwards when activated, exposing the full light output of the bulb. In my case the wiring to the electromagnet was duff. One of the wires pulled straight out of the connector block, it must have only been hanging on by a few strands. Once this was fixed full beam works perfectly. So that must have saved me a good few £££s compared to taking it to a dealer!

On a slightly different note I noticed that the dipped beam flap had a rotating section that appears to alter the light pattern for continental driving. There are metal tabs to rotate the section either side and to the front of the reflector which you can reach with your fingers once you've removed the bulb. I've read before that these lights aren't switch-able for continental driving but it appears they are.
However, whether you could actually do this with the headlamps in situ is another matter. You definitely couldn't change it whilst on the Eurotunnel!

This shows the inside the headlamp with the bulb removed. You can see the flap I'm talking about through the hole where the bulb fits.

The electromagnet is below and the connector with the purple and black/white wire I had a problem with is to its right. You can just make out the tab to change the light pattern sticking out on the left hand side above and to the left of the number 1305310 printed on the reflector housing.

There is one the other side too.
Eric wrote ...

It just flattens the beam so you can do it in the UK with no problems when it comes to dazzling oncoming drivers in our home counties.... Eric.

C6Dave wrote ...

So instead of the beam 'flicking up on the left in the UK (RHD) to light the curbside, you simply get a flat beam Eric?

That would explain why the EU lamps are a different part number as the beam on LHD would flick up on the right side to light the curb and as long as the beam is flat, which Citroen claim it is, then either unit can pass a UK MOT.

Hello Dave,

Yes that is the case. Eric
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