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C6 Fault finding
Fault finding guides
15 1.78 MB
Air Bags and pyrotechnics
Air bag and pyrotechnic replacement guides
16 901.6 kB
C6 Audio System Technical docs
10 3.44 MB
C6 Error Codes
OBII/Lexia related Error Code Guides
5 556.63 kB
Braking system guides, part lists etc.
24 2.62 MB
C6 Bodywork and exterior parts guides
30 4.19 MB
Driver Assistance
Lane Departure Head Up Display Parking Assistance etc. parts and repair Guides
11 862.63 kB
Heating, Engine Cooling and Cabin Ventilation
C6 Heating, Cooling and ventilation guides, parts lists etc.
23 4.21 MB
Drive train wheels and Gearboxes
C6 Gearbox Wheels and other Drive Train Guides
13 1.37 MB
Electrical System
C6 Electrical system (including lights) parts diagrams and repair guides
37 30.63 MB
Lights Wipers and Signaling
Lighting, Screen Wiping and signalling parts etc.
12 1.08 MB
Seating, centre console, door panel guides etc.
33 3.44 MB
C6 engine guides, parts etc.
56 9.94 MB
C6 Steering Rack and Piping parts and repair guides
35 4.85 MB
Supply - Air Fuel Exhaust and DPF
Fuel, Air, Exhaust and Particulate Filter related items
35 3.56 MB
C6 Suspension repair and settings guides, parts lists etc.
45 5.9 MB
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Recommended Lubricants 30 March 2012 Citroën 142.78 kB
The History of EOLYS 26 May 2010 Jacques Lemaire 156.81 kB
C6 Audio System Presentation 13 April 2010 Citroën 99.02 kB
C6 CAR 000 023 3.0 Petrol and 2.7 HDi Technical Info 12 March 2010 Citroën 8.62 MB
C6 Weights and Towing Limits 01 November 2009 Citroën 14.33 kB
Mechanical Presentation 01 November 2009 273.85 kB
C6 Colour and Paint Codes 01 November 2009 Citroën 69.45 kB
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