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Fit a boot retaining net to a C6

So we know the C6 doesn't have a luggage net, or the means to secure one, which means the shopping etc. moves around a bit so I thought I would do something about it.

Rather than drill holes in the car body I decided to do the same as my wifes Peugeot 207cc and simply add a small net to the removable floor liner

That required 4 'D-Rings', (picture opposite) which I sourced from a local hardware shop, pop rivets, washers and a net.

Next you need to remove the floor liner.

This is secured by 2 push on clips, one at each side of the boot at the rear. You will need a screwdriver to pop them up

One removed you can feel the extent of the inner core which is basically chipboard which has a rubberised foam coating on the back and 'carpet' glued to the front.

You need to mark out where your going to put the d-rings.

Then carefully cut a small flap in the carpet and peel it back - it's a bit tricky but careful use of a Stanley knife will release it from the glue

Then, drill a hole where your going to rivet the d-ring in place

Next rivet the d-ring into place from the top side making sure that you add a washer on the reverse to spread the load over a wider area.

Once you have riveted the rings in place, glue the carpet flaps back down with a bit of super glue, replace the floor liner and pin it down

Finally attach your net.

Mine comes from a Citroen C4 and is a nice size for shopping. I have a larger one I got for £2.00 from Lidl once which I can use if I need to secure anything larger but as it's only attached to the floor liner you need to be carefull

The whole exercise took about 30-40 minutes

Just a pity that Citroen didn't do it in the first place

An alternative would be to get the net from a Volvo S40 which is only about6" deep and attach that to the rear plastic moulding in the boot

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