Frequently Asked Questions

Add iPod or USB Memory capability to my C6 Audio set up

New iPod interface for the Citroen RD4 Head Unit

The USB BOX 9702.EZ available from Citroen at around £199 fitted adds USB support allowing file names and info to be displayed on main screen when using the iPod.

Also allows charging and full control of the iPod from the headunit you can change the track on the iPod via the steering column stalk controls.


A device that is installed in the glove compartment of the car and that allows plug and play MP3 files via USB sticks and portable music devices (USB connections, I-Pod or Jack).

The device connects to the audio system of the vehicle and displays lists of song titles on the screen of the vehicle (Only RD4).

It also enables handling through the steering wheel controls.


Compatible only with vehicles CAN architecture

It operates as a CD showing lists in the RD4 thanks to its role PTY.

It can installed in the glove box or anywhere hidden from view

Product compatible with USB ports, Jack and I-Pod ®

If a vehicle has a CD multi changer is essential to disable this as the USB Box replaces it.

In vehicles with NAVIDRIVE track titles will not appear in on-screen menu.

During use, the portable iPod is recharged automatically (depending on model), except when used making headphone Jack.

If there is no CD Multi Player installed then the function requires activation via Lexia/Proxia.


Reference: 9702.EZ


Is USB BOX is compatible with any type of RD4?

Yes, it is compatible with all vehicles equipped with CAN RT3, RT4, Wip Com, Wip Nav, My Way and Navidrive. It connects to the CD port on the rear.

Is USB BOX is compatible with all MP3 players?

USB Box has been tested with a large number of products from different brands available in the market, which ensures compatibility with almost 100% of the MP3 players.

Is USB BOX works with a USB memory rather than a music player?

BOX USB is compatible with all systems, USB memory stick or MP3 players.

Is it possible to recharge your MP3 player via USB BOX?

iPods with rechargeable battery are charged automatically when connected to USB BOX.

Is it possible to mount USB BOX on vehicles prior to the launch date of the fixture, in December 2007?

USB BOX can be used in all vehicles with electric CAN architecture, regardless of the date of purchase of the vehicle.

Operation of the CD-Rom in mapping RT3 at the same time USB BOX.

No problems in the functioning of the browser, but when the user insert an audio CD instead of mapping, if it gets out of the route marked the system will ask you to reenter the CD mapping.

The USB Box is made for Citroen by Dension and they also offer a similar product now.

There are also products available from XCarlink which do the same (for less) and allow you to add 'Bluetooth' as well.

Cost including 'Bluetooth' Option is around £104.00 (plus fitting)

The Citroen iPod Car kit allows to connect your iPod to your Citroen factory car stereo system without any loss of sound quality!!

Simply perfect CD quality sound all the time. It will also allow you to control your iPod through your factory radio and steering wheel controls.


Connect your iPod to your factory fitted car stereo and enjoy perfect digital CD Quality Sound!! Direct Connection to the CD changer port, This is not an FM transmitter, no FM modulation involved.

Control your ipod through your car Stereo and steering wheel controls. select tracks, rewind, fast forward and adjust the volume through your existing volume control.

Select Playlists through your car Stereo and steering wheel controls

When the iPod is connected, you will have full control of your iPod from the iPod itself (including clickwheel); your iPod and screen will NOT be disabled when connected

Automatic Pausing when switching to CD/TAPE/FM/AM/MD etc

No batteries required, keeps your iPod fully charged all the time while connected

Designed for the professional look, no cigarette lighter adapters, all wires hidden

Power on automatic play function and power off automatic pause.

3.5mm connection for connecting MP3/MP4 Player and iPod shuffle.

The Xcarlink connects directly to the existing CD Changer port on your Car stereo

Bluetooth A2DP Module - Xcarlink now features a Bluetooth connection for an optional Bluetooth Module. This enables it to be used as a handsfree car kit system.

Simply pair it with any bluetooth enabled mobile phone, and it will allow you to make and receive calls hands free through your car stereo speakers.

Also features a separate microphone for added convenience and optimum sound quality. Music playing automatically pauses when a call is made or received and then resumes when ended. In addition the bluetooth module allows you to wirelessly stream music from your mobile phone or bluetooth enabled device to your car stereo.

Info 15 October 2009 by C6Dave