Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the Paint code build date and other details of my C6

Your paint and other codes are on a sticker by the hinges of the driver's door,

The paint code consists of 4 letters (e.g. Iron Grey, code EZWC - -) .

The first 3 characters are always the paint code .

The fourth character is the quality symbol :

A = non-lacquered flat paint
B = superlustre solid colour
C = superlustre metallic paint
D = superlustre pearl paint
- - = spare locations for future needs

It could be: Black Pearlescent EXLD (Primer is Dark Grey, code: EYM)

Other Body Coloured Paint Codes:

Obsidia Black code EXL
Perla Nera black KTVD
Abyss Blue KPSD

Alloy Wheel Rims: - Grey metallic enamel : code EVT lacquered

Includes: Roccastrada Alloy Wheel Paint Code: EVT (lacquered) (grey metallic enamel)

Undercoat colours

Cataphoretic treatment

Colour used in manufacture : mid grey .

Replacement Parts colour : mid or dark grey .

The repairer must redo the under-coat in zones that no longer have a top coat, in the case of replacement (surfaces bared for welding) or of re-coating of certain structural components (particularly under the bonnet) .

In this case, he should use a coloured primer as close as possible to the original colour .

Coloured primers

Coloured primers close to the topcoat colour are applied at the factory .

The aim is to substantially reduce the negative visual effects of stone chip impacts .

These coloured undercoatings also offer the benefit of improving the colour result in the case of colours with poor covering power (reducing the number of topcoats required) .

Minimum thickness of the primer coat, whatever the colour :

30 microns in the zones not, or only slightly, exposed to gravel chipping

45 microns in zones exposed to stone chipping (front panel components, roof front part, lower parts of side components)

All the exterior surfaces are coated with primer .

On the interior surfaces, the paint finish is applied directly onto the cataphoresis .

Paintable or coloured primers are also available from our approved suppliers for repair painting .

Repairers are advised to use these suppliers to obtain the colours that are specific to the vehicles they are repairing .

Info 09 October 2009 by C6Dave