The Citroen C6 - the difference

C6Dave, 19 July 2019

From the outside, the Citroën C6 is strikingly different. Its sleek, trend setting lines tell a story of innovation, beauty, luxury and performance.

Launched in 2005, Right Hand Drive production ended early in 2012 and as of June 2012 there were circa 900 originaly registered for use on UK roads from figures provided by Citroen. By early of 2019, those numbers had reduced to circa 542 licensed and on the road due to cars being exported to Australia, Japan, New Zealand etc. and unfortunately accidents leading to cars being broken for parts.

Inside, the Citroën C6 is positively tranquil. Minimalist design and pure lines ensure a clutter-free dashboard. Unique half moon door bins glide shut and optional TGV-style rear seats slide and adjust - it’s a luxurious interior with the finish and finesse of a car that punches well above its weight. From the luxurious opulent feel of the interior to the incredible attention to detail and well-considered features, the Citroën C6 rarely ceases to impress.

The ride is exquisite thanks to Citroën’s Hydractive3+ suspension system, which incorporates advanced technology to electronically control springing and damping - meaning more comfort and superior driving dynamics.

The Citroën C6 is one of the world’s safest cars. There are nine airbags strategically placed for maximum protection, ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Emergency Braking Assistance (EBA) and even on Exclusive models the Lane Departure Warning System to keep you on the road.

And as well as protecting the people inside, the Citroën C6’s advanced features aim to protect people on the outside. To protect pedestrians on impact, its active bonnet system instantly raises, creating a space above the engine. This ensures the bonnet absorbs more energy and minimises any injury to pedestrians. This advanced safety feature is the first of its kind and has earned the maximum four-star EuroNCAP rating for pedestrian protection.

The Citroën C6 - striking looks, indulgent luxury, maximum protection, and superior performance. What more could you want?

Strikingly different from its other, less original contemporaries, and in keeping with the great Citroën’s of the past, the Citroën C6’s curvaceous lines are not only alluring, but also uniquely functional.

For example, the unique concave rear window extends down to the eye-catching rear lights - not only a trend-setting design feature, but its shape provides excellent rear visibility and a larger boot overture without compromising the design. And did we mention it’s self-cleaning?

All in all, its striking front, the sleek roof and frameless doors, and the speed-sensitive rear spoiler create a graceful aerodynamic profile that promises energy and exudes elegance.

There’s a choice of different body colours for the Citroën C6, including pearlescent and metallic paint options


Citroën C6’s interior space is vast. Its cabin is one of the roomiest in its class with more than enough room for five and plenty of rear leg space. The interior finish is beautifully crafted, using the highest quality materials - from the chrome door finish to the upholstery to the leather steering wheel. As well as dual-zone air conditioning with soft diffusion system and the availability of an advanced satellite navigation system, the Citroën C6 is packed full of cutting-edge technology. The Citroën C6 Lignage and Exclusive models feature a Head-Up display that projects key driving information, such as speed and navigation details, directly onto the windscreen. Plus, laminated acoustic side windows make for an even quieter drive, and enhance vehicle security.

Driver and front passenger can both enjoy excellent seating designed for optimum postural support. Electric front seats are standard on all models, allowing for the best driving position. And rear passengers can, through the Lounge Pack option, experience limousine levels of comfort in two individual rear armchairs that can slide and adjust for maximum comfort and relaxation

In-car entertainment comes from an RDS stereo radio CD Player with MP3 compatibility. To boost the sound quality further, a ‘Hi-Fi’ pack, specially created for Citroën C6 by JBL is available. It features 8 speakers and 2 woofers as well as a special amplifier - all adjustable from the driver’s steering mounted controls. Exclusive models get even more as standard with satellite navigation incorporating the Hi-Fi pack.

There’s a range of complementary interior trim options depending on which model you choose including luxurious leather - each carefully chosen to co-ordinate with your preferred exterior colour.

To ensure the smoothest possible ride, the Citroën C6 has Citroën’s state-of-the-art Hydractive3+ suspension system that electronically controls springing and damping, and automatically adjusts ground clearance according to speed, road surface and number of passengers on board. It means you experience a highly responsive ride and silky smooth handling and the road-holding capabilities you’d expect in an executive saloon - with the power and grace of a performance coupe.

On the V6 engined version cars, the suspension actively 'adapt's to your driving style

The onboard multi-function trip computer ensures you have easy access to all the relevant driving information you need - such as current and average fuel consumption, distance covered, estimated range of fuel remaining and average speed.

The 2.2HDi 173hp, 2.7HDi V6 and 3.0HDi V6 diesel engines are linked to a new advanced 6-speed auto-adaptive gearbox with four different driving modes for optimum control in varying conditions.


The Citroën C6 comes with the choice of 3 powerful diesel engines.

First up, the 3.0HDi V6 diesel engine delivers 238 bhp at 3,800 rpm and 332 lb.ft of torque at 1,600 rpm so it’s no slow coach. Secondly, the responsive 2.7Hdi V6 diesel powerhouse delivers 208 bhp at 4,000 rpm and 325 lb.ft of torque at 1,900 rpm offering impressive fuel economy for an executive saloon whilst both are equipped with a particulate filter (DPFS) to cut emissions

The 2.2 engine is a 4 cylinder, 2.2-litre HDi unit developing some 173 bhp in either 6 speed manual or automatic format, is also equipped with a particulate filter (DPFS) to cut emissions. It means less pollution, less consumption, but no less luxury or performance.

The least common variant is a 3.0 petrol version developing 215 bhp at 6000 rpm but mpg does suffer

Engine comparisons are here: - Click Here -

The V6 2.7 HDi is the one you will find in the largest numbers and is virtually an identical twin to the excellent powerplant found under the bonnet of Jaguar's S-TYPE 2.7D, this engine is smooth, quick and surprisingly tractable, doing its best work when mated to an automatic gearbox. Citroen's six-speed automatic is particularly good and is fitted to all C6 variants.

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