Parking brake/rear caliper sticking - how to cure

Vaho, 04 May 2018

I made a mistake not to use the parking brake during the winter because I thought it might stick do to the possible moisture getting into the cables and freezing temperatures. So I got a sticking caliper instead - nice.

Initially I just sprayed WD-40 between the parking brake lever and the caliper and it started to move a little better. The correct procedure is to dismantle the whole caliper and parking brake mechanism (piston and all the moving parts out), clean all the surfaces and replace the seals - the overhaul of the caliper. I did not do that for now but replaced only the parking brake lever shaft seal which you can do in situ. It helped and now the parking brake works without problems. Here are some instructions if anybody faces the same problem. You can buy the seal as part of the seal kit for some 7 euros (Frenkit). - Click Here -

First you need to disconnect the parking brake cable. It is better to do it while the caliper is still attached. Remove the spring (easily removable by hand). To uncouple the cable you have to move the lever. I just turned the lever by turning the shaft nut (13 mm). The cable tip is secured from uncoupling by a metal clip (no. 10 on the second picture) which is also removable by hand. The cable housing uncouples from the caliper by pressing the clips and pulling it away.

Then unscrew the lever shaft bolt (13 mm) and the cable holder bolt (torx T40) while the caliper is attached. It is possible to unscrew these bolts after the caliper is detached but then you have to hold the caliper with one hand while unscrewing with the other which is just inconvenient.

After removing the bolts remove the lever and holder. The lever needs some light tapping with a screwdriver and a hammer or some bending to come loose.

Then you can release the caliper from its holder and lift it up.

Here is the lever and cable holder removed and the seal is exposed (new seal is next to the old)

Next remove the seal. It is not possible to remove it in one piece so don´t bother to be careful, just use some sharp tip object and bend it out. Spray some WD-40 around the shaft where the seal used to be and clean it out.

It is useful to move the lever front and back couple of times while spraying the oil. For that put the caliper back in it´s place (no need to put the screws in) and attach the lever with the nut. If you work the lever while the caliper is not against the brake pads the piston moves out and you have to push/turn it back inside.

The lever is rusty so it is wise to smoothen it with sandpaper and put some protective paint on (on the side which is against the seal):

Finally put the new seal in and all the parts back together and use the parking brake regularly.


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