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Door cards and lighting

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Sun Jun 23 2024, 11:58am
Joined: Dec 22 2014
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Only one of my door cards lights up -- and it's barely noticeable.
Therefore I think that I need to change the bulbs.

How do I get the door cards off?
I can get the torx head bolts out but then it's still stuck fast.
Don't want to just violence it off because that always ends with broken plastic clips/tabs.

What is the consensus on what replacement bulbs to use?
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Do I need resistors for something? Why? What do you do with them?
Thu Jul 11 2024, 11:06pm

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Have you removed the T20 screw at the rear end of the door card just below the lock?

You also need to remove the tweeter and it's housing at the front as the card lifts up to remove once you have released the clips by pulling it from the bottom. The clips are a good design and unlikely to break when using appropriate force to pull the card from the door. I recommend using a trim removal tool to help the process but be careful not the scratch the paint.

Oh and you need to remove the ashtray (where fitted) as there's a hidden T20 in the bottom. You also need to remove the switch panel to disconnect the cable(s) and the puddle light at the bottom just levers out. I think you might need to remove a cover on the lock leaver but don't quote me on that one!

Can't help on how to make the lights better as my cards are black and therefore the lights are redundant!

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