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DEPOLLUTION SYSTEM FAULTY w/ check engine light on : what is remedy?

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Fri Jun 21 2024, 11:05am
Joined: Apr 18 2024
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Location: Los Angeles
My 2006 2.7L HDI (100,025 miles) has illuminated "check engine light"

It came on just last week when I filled up fuel tank to full for the first time. (this may be a coincidence? )
(and NO "premium" diesel fuel is available here in USA / Los Angeles.)

Where in DIAGBOX does this fault show up? I cannot find it.

I thought it was low DPF fluid
My Diagbox v7.57 will not check fluid level in pre-2009 cars , and does not even show 2.7L HDI on DIAGBOX v7.57 list.
Clearing all the faults does not turn CHECK ENGINE LIGHT off.

WHAT sensor turns on this fault and CHECK ENGINE LIGHT?

One suggestion was to drive the C6 on the Highway which I have done (but only 3 times as of yet 20 miles at 70 mph) and the highway driving would reset CHECK ENGINE Light.
What is the suggested "driving remedy" for this DEPOLUTION SYSTEM FAULTY?

There is an old thread suggesting to manually clean the EGR valves (both of them? how many are there in the C6?)
I have no idea how to do this or how accessible the EGR valves are .
what I have to take apart in order to get to them?

Will the EGR valve cleaning reset check engine light ?
What causes the CHECK ENGINE light to reset ? and the associated DEPOLLUTION SYSTEM FAULTY fault to go away?

WYNN's here in USA has a tool "POWER DIESEL INDUCTION & EGR SERVICE TOOL" that uses compressed air and a Wynn's EGR cleaning fluid and is connected to the car with a special adapter that fits PSA/Rover V6/V8 engines .... but am I being too hasty to try that?
Could that damage some other component?

My C6 drives fine at this time.

I apologize if I posted this topic previously: I couldn't find that thread.

Fri Jun 21 2024, 01:26pm

Joined: May 21 2017
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Location: South Queensferry
These have mostly been answered in your other posts and you are in serious danger of being labelled a Troll.

So, for the last time (from me):

1, It could be coincidence but could also be because of the fuel cap open sensor. Who knows, without a list of codes everything is a guess.

2, Errors are shown in Global test against the engine ECU

3, DPF fluid level can not be checked via diagbox and the car will tell you when it needs topping up

4, There are two EGR's (one for each bank of the V6). They are mounted front and rear of the engine and not accessible at all! It will take someone who knows where they are about 6hrs to remove and clean each one.

5, Cleaning may reset the EML after a number of engine restarts but it needs the codes in the error log cleared to be 100% certain.

6, There are many sensors that will cause a "Depollution System Faulty" message as this is a generic message for any and all engine management related errors.

7, Without knowing what the Wynns is capable of I would say you're being hasty as you don't know the cause of the error. If you did go ahead, I have grave doubts it will have any effect on the EGR's because or their construction. But I am prepared to be corrected on this....

Get some codes or screenshots of Diagbox and you'll get better answers. Keep going with this scatter gun approach and I'll switch off and leave you to work it out for yourself.

Fri Jun 21 2024, 09:44pm
Joined: Apr 18 2024
Member No: #5495
Location: Los Angeles
Is engine ECU = SID 201 in DIAGBOX?
P 1351 PREHEAT ( I have read to not worry about this one)
P 1536 BRAKE CONTACT SWITCH ( ordered).

I was hoping to find something in DIAGBOX that would tell me why
"Check Engine" light / DEPOLLUTION SYSTEM FAULTY had turned on.
Fri Jun 21 2024, 10:30pm

Joined: May 21 2017
Member No: #3151
Location: South Queensferry
That's the one....
In the tech section of this site there's a list of the error codes and their description.

It looks like the P1510 is the one to concentrate on as PO266 is not a recognised code. All codes have 1 letter and 4 numbers! And P0266 is also not a recognised error.

P1510 Gearbox ECU reception fault : MIL request by gearbox

I would say that's caused the EML (MIL) to come on at the time or soon after you had a gearbox error.

If the gearbox is now operating normally, I would keep the battery fully charged, delete the errors and see if it comes back.

Now wasn't that much easier.....


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