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Is there are car that is less desired than a used C6? Oh, yes, definitely!

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Wed Jun 19 2024, 09:09am
Joined: Feb 11 2010
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If you've ever lost heart selling a C6 in the UK (and I'm aware the European market is rather different), what with the lack of recognition of what it is, and the high VED, and general buyer apathy and so forth...

I've got a PT Cruiser.

Not just any PT Cruiser, a convertible. While the regular PT Cruiser is almost unremittingly grim, the Convertible got some serious love and attention from the engineering department and has a very well engineered roof and well thought out interior. Not only is it bigger than my New Beetle Cabrio was inside, despite the car's reputation for thirst the 2.4-litre auto returns 36mpg on proper runs - the 1.6 manual Beetle only managed 30mpg.

Mine has less than 15,000 miles and the condition (apart from a bit of bad paint on the bumper - Chrysler quality at work) is exactly as you would hope for from a car that's done about 18 months of mileage. Which is why I don't drive it, at first I wanted to enjoy it, but then I wanted to sell it and I've been scared of putting miles on ever since.

I've yet to have anyone actually look at it apart from one dealer who offered £4K, I took the private plate off (which esure then cancelled the insurance trying to change, because of a computer error - a computer error that conveniently lost most of a policy that cost £158 and a new quote was twice that!), then they said they were definitely going to collect, then vanished.

Can you imagine if someone offered a 15,000 mile Citroen C6, even with high VED, in the top spec, and all anyone was offering was £3K on messages then failing to show up?!

So here's a toast to the PT Cruiser - a car that makes the C6 look like used-car gold!

(And here's two fingers up to the governments that have left, and increased, the high-rated VED that was designed to encourage cleaner cars, but instead created a generation of neglected old diesels that sprew NOx and have their DPFs bashed out and get run into the ground killing the planet more than any big petrol engine beast can, but pay no VED at all.

I currently have THREE high VED cars and have to SORN alternate months to not feel I should just lease a Sandero. In fairness to the BMW X3 it's been de-DPFed before I got it, clags like a Deltic, and I feel like I'm getting my money's worth every time I overtake something).

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