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Fault Code P104 - MAF and code P1351.

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Tue Jun 11 2024, 05:10pm
Joined: Dec 04 2021
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Location: Lot et Garonne
Hi everyone,

Car was running fine and then taken in for timing and accessory belts to be replaced.

Shortly afterwards the car throws up codes P104 and P1351. I have tried to clear then with my OBD2 reader but they come back quickly.

I understand P1351 is a common code and often with no underlying cause? Happy to be corrected.

P104 is listed as a MAF problem. Has anyone encountered this and is it something I can do myself without taking it back to the dealer, please? Cleaning or air leak, perhaps?

Many thanks,

Tue Jun 11 2024, 05:36pm

Joined: May 21 2017
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Location: South Queensferry
Hi Stuart,
the P1351 is probably because one or more glow plugs are not working. Not a great problem in the UK and I doubt you'd notice any issues with starting.

The P0104 does suggest a MAF problem but these rarely give problems and I suspect the real fault is elsewhere. To start, I would swap the front and rear MAF's to see if the fault moves. It's easy enough to do as they are located on the outlet on the air filter box at the front right of the engine bay when looking from the front. Take the top off the air filter and you should be able to work it out from there.

Thu Jun 13 2024, 08:42pm
Joined: Dec 04 2021
Member No: #4909
Location: Lot et Garonne
Sorry, Michael, I replied yesterday but must have pressed the wrong button!

Didn't know there are 2 MAFs, so will have a look as suggested.

Thanks again,


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