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ENGINE ANTI-POLLUTION SYSTEM FAILURE in ALERT LOG (and little engine light on dashboard)

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Thu Jun 06 2024, 12:06am
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An alert came up this morning "ANTI-POLLUTION FAILURE" .


WHAT do I do to fix this ?

Has anyone else ever had this in their ALERT LOG?

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
Thu Jun 06 2024, 07:35am

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citroenroen1 wrote ...

This morning Alert came on "ENGINE ANTI-POLLUTION SYSTEM FAILURE" : do you have any idea what I have to buy to fix this?

Could be poor quality diesel,(my 3.0Hdi used to throw a wobbly using supermarket diesel) to many short trips not allowing the DPF system to do a DPF regeneration, A dirty fuel filter, sticking EGR valve, or a low 'EOYLS' level (description: - Click Here - ) can cause the message to appear so you need to have the onboard fault log read to see if you can narrow things down, so can low battery voltage.

Without Lexia to read the error codes, you're not going to be able to narrow it down.

However, a good 'Italian Tune Up' often helps (run the car on a motorway at 40 mph+ for 30 mins+ ) rather than going through the 'Forced Regeneration' process (details herte: - Click Here - ).

Just use the site search function with depollution as the search term as there are lots of posts, faqs about it and the 'Sticky' at the top of this forum explains how it's supposed to work - Click Here -

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