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SMOKE from engine compartment : OIL / FUEL LEAK in VICINITY OF OIL FILTER 2.7HDI

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Sun Jun 02 2024, 08:21pm
Joined: Apr 18 2024
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Location: Los Angeles
I AM WORKING ON MY 2006 2.7 HDI trying to find source of smoking in the vicinity of oil filter.
It may be oil.
It may be diesel fuel .

There has been smoking from that area for a long time (but it was hidden under the plastic cover)
Thus far , I have changed the leaking diesel leak off / return pipes and the oil filter and seal. I torqued the oil filter to 18 ft pounds (25 NM) .

I cannot see the source of the smoking in that confined very busy area around the oil filter : There is wetness down at the base of the oil filter and that was there prior to my changing the oil filter : I THOROUGHLY cleaned and dried out that area while I had the oil filter canister off .
Is there someplace I ought to be looking for a loose connection or a bad seal ?

Is this area a common problem area for LEAKS on the C6 2.7 HDI ?

I hope someone has had this problem and can direct me to a remedy.

Sun Jun 02 2024, 09:01pm
Joined: Jul 17 2012
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Location: Bergen
Check gaskets in diesel/injector system. I had this symptom (smoke) and it turned put to be an injector gasket.
Mon Jun 03 2024, 06:06am
Joined: Apr 18 2024
Member No: #5495
Location: Los Angeles
Thanks for your suggestion.

How did you go about replacing that injector gasket?

Did you replace just one diesel injector gasket or all of them?
Mon Jun 03 2024, 08:01am
Joined: Dec 03 2018
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Location: Bayern
It could also be oil. The filter sits on an oil/water heat exchanger, which can leak at some point, both at the fins and at the lower seal.

Whenever the filter element is loosened/tightened, the heat exchanger can leak - both inwards and outwards.

If it leaks ‘inwards’, it presses the engine oil into the water circuit because the oil pressure is higher than the water pressure. The oil then floats on the water in the expansion tank.

If it leaks to the ‘outside’, the oil stands in the ‘V’ of the cylinders. Oil does not burn so easily - diesel, on the other hand, vaporises relatively quickly.

Greetings Wolfgang

Tue Jun 04 2024, 01:22pm
Joined: Jul 17 2012
Member No: #954
Location: Bergen
IT was fixed in less than 30 minutes by my garage and with small cost. My impression was that it was only a loose /faulty injector gasket.

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