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How to replace 2.7L HDI Diesel leak off pipe replacement : part# 1574E8

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Thu May 23 2024, 12:25am
Joined: Apr 18 2024
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I am having difficulty getting to the rearmost pipes of the leak off pipe Citroen Part# 1574E48 (diesel return lines) .
I removed the 3 "U" clips and the front 3 leak off pipes from the front 3 fuel injectors without too much difficulty.
The rear 3 leak off pipes are buried under wiring and other things and are very difficult to see or access : What parts must be removed to get to these rearmost 3 diesel injector leak off pipes?

If a "c" clip holding the leak off pipe is lost, I will be in big trouble!

There is a video about replacing these fuel return lines on a Landrover (LR Time) but access to leak lines (fuel return lines) is not obstructed by wiring loom AND the TDV6 diesel engine is out of the vehicle..

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