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Rear Door Not Opening

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Sat Apr 20 2024, 09:29am
Joined: Feb 27 2019
Member No: #3844
Location: Scotland
My C6 is really testing me now with silly little faults and this is the most serious. My driver's side rear door will not open at all, one day it did, the next it didn't. The window drops as normal but pulling on the external handle there is no resistance at all and there's a slight scraping sound from the internal handle. I've tried the fuse, the safety switch, opening with the key in the driver's door, with the window up or down but to no avail. Putting my ear to the door while locking/unlocking I'm sure I hear something clicking inside the door. The questions is, how to fix a door that won't open if you can't open it? I can't believe that this was designed in such a way that the door may fail to open if there's a fault, surely there should always be a mechanical connection too? Maybe this has failed?

My next option to try is the plastic connector at the B post. Looking at the wiring diagram for Central Locking Wiring, the connector seems to be IC73/67PR/D and the box marked "6217" seems to be where the door lock is activated but it says "6V MR" beside it, numbered 1 to 6. Does this mean that it's a 6 volt system here? From another similar post, they recommended applying 12V to the relevant pin in order to activate the lock. Does anyone have any ideas?

If nothing else works, it looks very much like I will have to remove the interior trim with the door closed which would probably ruin it but I can't think of any other way. Is it possible to remove just enough trim to get access to the internals? Alternatively, maybe I can remove the rear seat which will give me better access but how easy is that if the door won't open? Mine is also the Alezan interior which is quite rare so if I need to ruin it to get the door open I may not be able to replace it.

I need this resolved as, apart from anything else, it's an MOT fail, which isn't due until November but I already have a bad feeling that this is going to be a massive headache!
Sat Apr 20 2024, 11:40am
Joined: Feb 27 2019
Member No: #3844
Location: Scotland
UPDATE: Well I managed to get the door card off quite easily really, apart from the ambient lighting cable which I cannot seem to unplug, but I can swing it to the side out of the way.

The Bowden cable seemed to be unseated from the handle but pulling on the cable produces a click but no more. I'm wondering if the cable has stretched? Still cannot get the door open though.

Not sure whether I should use some pliers or grips to pull on this cable? Access is fairly limited unless you have tiny hands, but I'm going to try feeling around the door lock area to try to get the door open.
Sat Apr 20 2024, 03:15pm
Joined: Feb 27 2019
Member No: #3844
Location: Scotland
SOLVED! After an hour or so trying to work out what's wrong, I decided to push the cable instead of pulling.

Something went 'click' and the door opened! I think it was nothing more than a sticking cable in its sleeve, probably due to lack of use. So I sprayed some lubricant down the sleeve, and I'll keep an eye on it, but this problem is solved, now for the other ones...
Mon Apr 22 2024, 11:08am

Joined: Jan 24 2010
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Location: Celbridge
Hello Candide,

Thanks for the feedback on this issue and well done.

Best regards,

Phil C.

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