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Odometer reading correction

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Fri Jul 21 2023, 04:20pm
Joined: Nov 04 2017
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Location: Farnham
I have an unusual issue.
My C6 has just under 98k miles
I have a spare digital dashboard as it's a known failure point.
I plugged the spare into the car to test it, it worked fine but showed 233k miles; presumably the mileage of the donor car.
Having replaced the original dashboard the reading is still 233k miles, not the correct 98k miles
There must be a way of forcing the display to read the correct car mileage when the display is replaced, but I cannot see any references to what that method might be.
Any insight would be very welcome.
Many thanks

Sat Jul 22 2023, 06:24pm
Joined: Dec 03 2018
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Location: Bayern
It is not possible with the DIAGBOX and I doubt that it is possible with "legal" methods. We had to change the speedometer unit on a C5 R and now have 320000KM instead of approx. 195000KM.
Help will probably only be available from the so-called "speedometer resets". However, not only the speedometer must be corrected, but also the entries in the corresponding control units (BSI; injection ECU, etc.).

Greetings Wolfgang

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