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Blank instrument cluster

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Tue Jun 27 2023, 07:53pm
Joined: Jan 21 2019
Member No: #3807
Location: Copenhagen
In my parents left hand drive petrol C6 the instrument cluster has gone blank.

I have seen a number of threads with links to places that repair them in the UK (speedorepair.co.uk, ecutesting.com), and I have found some used clusters online (rrr.lt) - but I guess replacements are a hassle with the odometer and such?

Since we're in Denmark, I was wondering if anybody knows somewhere nearby (or just in the EU) that has the capability of fixing this?

Thu Jun 29 2023, 12:01pm
Joined: Sep 20 2016
Member No: #2793
Location: West Mids
Afraid I don't know any EU based repairers, but one thing I learned when I had to have mine done last year is that none of the mainstream UK based people who advertise they can do them were actually able to. They all said mine was 'too damaged'. (Mine was working fine one day; blank the next).

If you find someone relatively local, I suggest if you are able, you remove the rear cover of the unit and send a good photo of the circuit board before sending the unit itself. On mine, there was visible overheating damage, which is the bit that put it outside their scope, I think.

In the end, mine was 100% fixed by the gentleman at Somerset Technical Services
and has been working fine ever since.

Thu Jun 29 2023, 03:59pm
Joined: Jan 21 2019
Member No: #3807
Location: Copenhagen
Thanks for the tip, Mike - that sounds like a good suggestion.

Do you know what was needed to fix yours?

I've heard that on "old" electronics capacitors often need replacing... Knowing what usually goes on these clusters could perhaps be helpful to a local electronics person who might not be C6-knowlegable.
Thu Jun 29 2023, 07:19pm

Joined: May 21 2017
Member No: #3151
Location: South Queensferry
Another vote for Somerset Technical Services from me.

There are a number of components to be upgraded and some solder joints to correct. Replacing just the one failed component is a short-term fix.
Sun Jul 02 2023, 06:34am
Joined: Mar 13 2016
Member No: #2551
Location: Copenhagen
hi Asjo
I have had same problem, but succeeded soldering cold connections inside the cluster, and it has worked fine years for now.
We can try to do the same on yours - my location is also Copenhagen.
When I had the problem, I bought a brand new cluster (petrol) and it is now for sale, since I did fix the old.
Send me a PM - så kan vi ta' den derfra.
mvh Jørgen
Sun Jul 02 2023, 11:32pm
Joined: Mar 13 2016
Member No: #2551
Location: Copenhagen
PM received - and we will inform you further.
Sun Jun 02 2024, 01:06pm
Joined: Jan 21 2019
Member No: #3807
Location: Copenhagen
A quick follow up on this subject, despite jst's valiant efforts the display continued to not work.

A friend of mine located a company in Malmö, Sweden called Atech2 who repaired it quickly.

It wasn't cheap (€644) and they charged extra because they had to clean up after the previous repair attempts, which I only found fair.

They also gave 2 years of warranty on the repair.

So if you are in Sweden/EU, they are worth a look.

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