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Re-Coding a Key
4 years later and it still works this way if your batery has died and been replaced.
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Posted by Dave_C6 on 15 July 2019

LDS Warning Label's
Attention C6 Owners

courtesy of frenchcarforum

Another member of the Forum recently had his C5 X7 LDS tank explode at a recent tyre fitting session, when the vehicle was lowered back to the ground.

For ...
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Posted by Trainman on 12 July 2019

Hello From New Member
That link was set up when I built the site and Citroen were still selling used C6's

I have now altered it so it points to the owners marketplace on site
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Posted by Dave_C6 on 13 July 2019

Power steering fuild leak
So a previous repair has been bodged rather badly. They used some quite stiff plastic hose and left it rubbing against the driveshaft.

Citroen want £350 for a complete pipe set, and because of all the ...
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Posted by rwb on 12 July 2019

Lexia 3 Win 7 - Win 10 Question
I can confirm that after having 'online support' to install Diagbox 7.8 on my Win 10 laptop via a 'Virtual Machine', they failed miserably and I sent it all back.

Instead I bought a cheaper Lexia 3 fro...
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Posted by Dave_C6 on 15 July 2019

2007 Citroen C6 - 78,000 miles
Unfortunately the time has now come where I am having to say goodbye to my C6 having decided to return to university as a 'mature student' and therefore won't be needing a car. Or certainly not one qu...
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Posted by leedsspacheship on 12 July 2019

Occasional RPM "Flare"
Could be atf issue, I would do a flush service before its too late. Mine havent had such issue yet - I have changed the 3L portion twice and should do it once or twice more. I believe that is "gentle"...
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Posted by joopajaa on 12 July 2019

How water resistant are Citroen remote keys?
tonyrome wrote ...

C6Dave wrote ...
the remote keys aren't cheap

Approximately 120 EUR, including programming.

Nah £14.10 (15 euro?) + programming
- Click Here -
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Posted by MGmike on 12 July 2019

Re-Coding a Key
Yes, this procedure worked for me in the past.

Best regards,

Phil C.
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Posted by cruiserphil on 23 May 2015

Re-Coding a Key
The question is if the blade is cut to fit the ignition, will these steps work To reprogram the key to the car:

- Key in ignition (ignition off)

- Turn key to ignition on, and press and hold locking but...
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Posted by Dave_C6 on 22 May 2015

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