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Electric Window Broken
Same issue on my car. Taking the door to bits achieved nothing in my case. But disconnecting and reconnecting the cable between the door and the A-pillar did. Disconnect; blast with contact cleaner; r...
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Posted by sotweedfactor on 12 July 2020

Electric Window Broken
Hi guys - especially sotweedfactor!
I had the same problem, Relay click and all, and was stuck with an open window.
I removed, cleaned and replaced the door cabling socket, which made it worse 2 times (...
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Posted by JamesA on 01 October 2020

Wanted; late registration C6 3.0L V6, petrol or diesel
I have a 3.0HDi Exclusive from 2010 that I may sell, I have two currently.
I'll send you a pm.
C6 factory production ended in Dec 2012. Petrol engined versions were only made until 2009.
Approx 30 each o...
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Posted by Hattershaun on 20 August 2020