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Creaking, groaning or knocking noises from the front of a C6?
Recently my 6 has been emitting 'creaking' and knocking sounds which could be felt through the floor and steering which were getting worse (it had been pointed out by the dealer when I had the timing ...
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Posted by Dave-Retired on 20 April 2018

Coolant leaks - again
Hi Paschal, I started a post several years ago documenting age/mileage of thermostat housing failures. Some like mine were on cars only about 6-7 years old and lowish miles.

On that basis, 5 years migh...
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Posted by gmerry on 18 April 2018

Speedometer Woes
Okay, an update.

My instrument cluster was still mostly working, it would tend to not power up in colder weather. But I didn't want to risk it burning out so I finally managed to do the "fix".

I decided...
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Posted by Paulius on 17 April 2018

C6 For Sale. ONLY 3700 miles from new
A rare opportunity to buy a C6 in 'as new' condition.

2.2HDi Auto Lignage in black with black leather from 2008.

The car is owned by Robert Lowdell of B.L.Autos and he's asked me to handle the sale of h...
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Posted by Hattershaun on 13 April 2018

Coolant leaks - again
Hello Paschal,

If you had head gasket trouble I would expect to see excessive pressure inn the header tank.

Best regards,

Phil C.
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Posted by cruiserphil on 19 April 2018

Illuminated 'P' on parking brake control
Yes, red lamp should illuminate when handbrake is applied.
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Posted by Hattershaun on 15 April 2018

I've enquired......
I've finally gone crazy and seen a C6 i like on Autotrader (who says he's a member on here on the advert) . I've emailed to see if its still available as i know sometimes the adverts don't get removed...
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Posted by 2ilent8cho on 22 April 2018

Digital display failure

I have gone thro' this recently.

Initially I contacted Actronics in Colchester who were recommended by AK however it transpired that they will not accept private repairs. So I did not take it f...
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Posted by Cisco on 08 June 2016

Digital display failure
Thanks for that Frank, if you have a few photos to put up on the forum that would be really great, I'm afraid everyone will be visited with this problem very soon it seems. I'm sure I'm not far away...
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Posted by 321dave on 09 June 2016

Intrument Panel not lighting, everything else OK
Do you have any "second hand market" ? we do so: - Click Here -
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Posted by Jarecki on 05 July 2016

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