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Speedometer Woes
Hi all. Yesterday was the day when my cluster gave me a puff of smoke followed by total darkness.
After opening it up it was clear that the mosfet transistor was burned. During the checking the special...
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Posted by vaho on 16 August 2018

C6 Restoration
Installed a new drivers seat belt over the weekend as the reel had almost stopped returning the belt and it was very dirty after 11 plus yrs service. Thought I'd put up a few photos for the forum.

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Posted by 321dave on 12 August 2018

2007 C6 Exclusive 3.0 Petrol (+LPG!) **SOLD**
I'm sorry to say that the C6 and I parted ways last night. It has, however, went to another C6 enthusiast. I think he is on the Facebook page, rather than on this forum. He's had a C6 before and knew ...
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Posted by jamescarruthers on 15 August 2018

The saving of YR56
It raining outside so I thought I'd do a little update on progress...
The summer months have been great in allowing a reasonable amount of time to get things sorted but I need another few days to finis...
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Posted by MGmike on 15 August 2018

C6 Restoration
Is there a airbag under the upper trim? Mine has same damage near the slider.
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Posted by joopajaa on 13 August 2018

2.2 Manual Exclusive for sale
After many years of ownership, I find I'm not using my C6 enough these days and have decided to sell. It's in excellent condition, no marks or dents and everything works as it should. The colour is Fu...
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Posted by MikeH on 12 August 2018

Selling: C6 black leather steering wheel
Quite good condition - later I may refresh the leather by my self (and check the price then). Only one minor mark on the leather. No airbag or buttons etc - just the plain wheel. I think it will be al...
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Posted by joopajaa on 12 August 2018

2.7 hdi engine knocking noise when warm
Hi, I also sometimes have this sound when warm, what is the pr number of your car? (Mine is from 4. January 2007). I change 5w-30 c2 liqui moly oil every 10.000 km as in the good old days, and do all ...
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Posted by Citrofix on 10 August 2018

2.7 hdi engine knocking noise when warm
That sounds a bit like piston slap, rather than the beginning of big-end trouble. Also, it might be a diesel knock, when 1 of the 2 knock sensors are not functioning properly. I take it there are no w...
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Posted by arconell3 on 08 August 2018

2.7 hdi engine knocking noise when warm
When warm your C6 sounds like my C6 i think, here is a video i took earlier . - Click Here - so either we both have the same issue or there is no issue.
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Posted by 2ilent8cho on 11 August 2018

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