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Returning to the fold...
Well, the weekend has been and gone, as has the trip to France!

We stayed in Dover on Friday last week before boarding the ferry from Dover to Calais. After a smooth enough crossing we got to Calais wi...
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Posted by David Hallworth on 07 November 2019

2020 Gaydon C6 meeting
After the success of January's C6 meeting at the Milestones museum, it has been decided to hold another gathering on Sunday 26th January 2020 at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon, Warwickshire. In the ...
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Posted by FreakyFrenchFan on 22 October 2019

Driver Seat Memory Problem
Found a 'workaround' to get the system up and running and found the specific Driving Position Memorisation wiring Diagram - Click Here - which will hopefully help Mike
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Posted by C6Dave on 05 November 2019

Lounge Pack retrofit on 3.0 HDi?
When I bought my C6 3.0 HDI I wanted to install the lounge pack from my original C6 2.7HDI. I found it nearly impossible so I gave up. The rear side of the C6 3.0 has been completely redesigned to fit...
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Posted by AndreSMCXXMC6 on 08 November 2019

The DPF System and how it works
I have FAP app installed on an old phone in the car. It starts up and shuts down on the ignition. I'm a bit obsessive about collecting statistics.

The following is what I've found for a 2.2 HDi in a 40...
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Posted by rwb on 13 October 2019

Thank you to let me in the crowd
I want to greet all the members of the forum,
Excuse me for introducing myself now, I have been planning to do this for quite some time now, but I cannot put it into practice. Your Honor, your suggesti...
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Posted by LightMatic on 15 October 2019

Map sensor cleaning.
To get the full picture, the car had been runing OK for a month after I got the glow plug issue fixed for now. (5 of 6 working)

We were going 230 km up in Sweden, after lunch (an hours drive) I put it...
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Posted by Nikolaj on 20 October 2019

One new from Spain
Hello everyone, My name is Peter, I am born in Cardiff Wales, but as a child I came to live in Spain. I currently own a C6 2.7hdi Exclusive, (2007), a car that I bought last month with 187,000 km. I w...
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Posted by Peperco on 26 October 2019

Coolant level sensor retrofit solved.
Thanks to David Hallworth the sequence for switching on the coolant level sensor via Diagbox in a C6 is as follows:

Diagbox Sequence Select:

Select: 'Repair'

In Repair > Full scan

Select: BSI > Configuratio...
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Posted by C6Dave on 31 October 2019

Engine Oil Pump - should it be renewed ?
Another issue with the oilpump, is the oilpump house that has a mount for one of the cambelt pullys, the new oilpump are reinforced in that area, I don't remember what year the new oilpump was fitted ...
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Posted by Nikolaj on 02 November 2019

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