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Bent jacking points
I tried the polyurethane pads and found that they disintegrated almost immediately. After that, I asked my local garage if, in their heap of throw-outs, they had an old jack. I ground the head off and...
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Posted by sotweedfactor on 12 March 2020

Bent jacking points
Just to update this. Rather than make a wood block I bought a pair of Polyurethane jacking blocks from eBay: - Click Here - - there are lots of other suppliers. There are some Ford Fiesta ones listed ...
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Posted by C6Dave on 08 March 2020

Part number for heated seat element required & more?
Here is some guide if you want to disassembly the front heated seats.
It takes around 4h.
The broken wires were between the two segments of the sitting area
Bypassed both wires
Foam is glued back with un...
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Posted by Pracli on 30 March 2020

C6 newbie looking for advice on buying a local car
Hi I recently bought a super shiny black 2007 C^ My son drove it from the UK to Portugal 1500 miles no problems . But take a word of advice .. the running gear , calipers anything metal / steel und...
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Posted by Lighty on 30 March 2020

Here is why the door stays are failing
Following on from the good advice in this thread, I have just repaired my driver's door stay, where 1 spring was found broken, using a secondhand Astra part obtained on eBay for just £6.00.
I also obta...
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Posted by tich731 on 12 March 2020

Handbrake cable
cruiserphil wrote ...

Hello Joopajaa,

How did it go with the cables from Poland?

Best regards,

Phil C.

Hi Actually I got them 2 times: first ones were little too short (maybe 5mm) - they sent me new ones t...
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Posted by joopajaa on 16 March 2020

C6 LED Parking light replacement
Hey everyone!

I wanted to share this cool topic for people who are interested in making their C6 a bit more 2020 by replacing the old 12v Parking lights with LED ones:
Philips Vision LED Interior T10 W5...
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Posted by buriedone on 02 April 2020

C6 - Breaking for parts - 2.7HDi Exclusive 2008
Hi Jason,

I'd fit new boot struts, they are inexpensive.

Magnetti-Marelli are OEM & available from Mister Auto (which is owned by PSA); - Click Here -

Your mirror may have had a non-dimming glass fit...
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Posted by Hattershaun on 24 February 2020

Navidrive update & HUD
So a copy is dangerous but an original disk is fine? My C6 is also 7.xx now and i have acces to a genuine Citroen 8.31 disk at the garage who did my engine swap, so i can upgrade safely or...? I was ...
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Posted by Garfield on 08 March 2020

My C6, engine died, found a brand new one, a small movie
And today i also picked up a set of original C6 18 inch wheels, they are for the winter this year, i will put on new winter tyres when i need them and also 4 TPMS sensors for safety.

Payed only a small...
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Posted by Garfield on 07 March 2020

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