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Speedometer Woes
Hi all. Yesterday was the day when my cluster gave me a puff of smoke followed by total darkness.
After opening it up it was clear that the mosfet transistor was burned. During the checking the special...
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Posted by vaho on 16 August 2018

Me again with another C6 and the usual niggles....
When the timing belt was done I was told that the front, right shocker was leaking but didn't like the quote to replace it..... It passed the MOT a couple of weeks ago as they weren't sure where the o...
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Posted by Dave-Retired on 21 July 2018

Flippin' eck "suspension faulty" message
Hattershaun wrote ...

There are four sensors, one for each wheel, the linkage is about 5cm long with a cup on each end which presses onto a ball on a bracket at one end and the sensor at the other end....
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Posted by Sea6Steve on 28 July 2018

C6 Restoration
Installed a new drivers seat belt over the weekend as the reel had almost stopped returning the belt and it was very dirty after 11 plus yrs service. Thought I'd put up a few photos for the forum.

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Posted by 321dave on 12 August 2018

2007 C6 Exclusive 3.0 Petrol (+LPG!) **SOLD**
I'm sorry to say that the C6 and I parted ways last night. It has, however, went to another C6 enthusiast. I think he is on the Facebook page, rather than on this forum. He's had a C6 before and knew ...
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Posted by jamescarruthers on 15 August 2018

The saving of YR56
It raining outside so I thought I'd do a little update on progress...
The summer months have been great in allowing a reasonable amount of time to get things sorted but I need another few days to finis...
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Posted by MGmike on 15 August 2018

C6 Lower Pivot Bearing Failure
Hi ul9601
SKF VKD13500 is the old FRIP design. I bought two VKD13500 a few years ago for the 2006 C6 I owned back then. Prior to installation, I carefully drilled and tapped a center hole for a grease ...
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Posted by gbl on 24 July 2018

Window motor not working
I've been using 'WD-40' branded contact cleaner. No melting noticed so far...
Sorry for slow reply!
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Posted by sotweedfactor on 30 July 2018

Tyre wear - nearside front tyre
MarkBevan wrote ...

Note to self: drive both ways around roundabouts, to even up tyre wear

Just spend half the year in France to get the wear on the other side......
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Posted by Dave-Retired on 30 July 2018

2.7 hdi engine knocking noise when warm
That sounds a bit like piston slap, rather than the beginning of big-end trouble. Also, it might be a diesel knock, when 1 of the 2 knock sensors are not functioning properly. I take it there are no w...
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Posted by arconell3 on 08 August 2018

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