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Scuttle Panel (fresh air intake) Drainage
I don't know how many of you will have had cause to check out how the scuttle drainage system works but, having by chance had my attention drawn to it today, I'd suggest it's a potential area for conc...
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Posted by robingc33 on 19 September 2017

Hello from the Netherlands
Hi all,
My name is Lars Wullink, I'm 29 years old and I'm a marine engineer living in the northern part of the Netherlands. I've had quite some Citroëns, ranging from the 2cv to the XM, but never a C6...
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Posted by Goofblikscha on 25 September 2017

Steam ...
just thought I'd post a snap we took today - our 'C6 & a steam express heading north, Carnforth to Carlisle ...

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Posted by ChrisHunter on 30 September 2017

Scuttle Panel (fresh air intake) Drainage
Easiest way to keep on top of this is to occasionally open the bonnet, and pick out any leaf debris that has collected in the corners, on top of the plastic grills, before it has the chance to drop in...
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Posted by gmerry on 20 September 2017

Hello from the Netherlands
And there he is! I've been driving for 2 days straight. 1100km and counting. What a machine! It feels so much like a CX, combined with the luxury and quietness of a modern car. I absolutely love it!

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Posted by Goofblikscha on 29 September 2017

Long time lurking, first time posting.
Hi all,

If I include the horrible company Xsara my eighth Citroën is a C6. The Citroën thing started when my maths teacher gave me a lift in his fabulous blue CX. It had the semi-automatic box and th...
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Posted by Swalleau on 06 October 2017

DPF removal and EGR (x2) delete update
e3steve wrote ...

EGR system deletion or DPF removal isn't something I'd consider with either of mine, but it's certainly interesting to know how different C6s perform, particularly referring to econom...
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Posted by arconell3 on 26 September 2017

Sad to see it go, but needs must and all that.
My C6 sold today for £4,900. To a very happy buyer indeed, who was blown away by how well this car runs compared to the 2 others he had looked at and drove. It is of course not just noticeably more li...
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Posted by Wantathreelitre on 17 September 2017

Hello from Castleford, West Yorkshire.
Good afternoon, I am David Crawford. I recently moved here to Castleford, West Yorkshire from Bournemouth, in November, 2016.
Curiously, there are some violins playing on Classic FM in t'background...(...
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Posted by dadie11 on 10 September 2017

Lexia for dummies ?
Diagbox includes Lexia, that is true but at least with my version (7.60 I think) it does not do much, if I remember correctly it only finds the BSI. That´s why I loaded Lexia onto another computer sep...
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Posted by vaho on 19 September 2017

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