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The saving of YR56
Crikey is it really two months since my last update.

Things have progressed well in the last couple of months

The headlight repairs were a success and everything was back together when I realised I ...
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Posted by MGmike on 09 October 2018

New fuel pump labeling in France
If your off to France in the future you need to be aware of the new Fuel Pump labeling that is coming into effect. The following comes from auto.bfmtv.com translated into English

From October 12, th...
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Posted by Dave-Retired on 01 October 2018

Jas16 wrote ...

To add to Dave's point above, you can move the mirror selector with reverse already selected. What I see is that on the activated side, the mirror drops and the de-selected side the mi...
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Posted by e3steve on 11 October 2018

Digital display failure
Same problem - resolved by Autotronics in Leicester; absolutely faultless service. The unit had previously gone dead on a couple of occasions and I was planning to remove it to send it off after the ...
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Posted by diyjoke on 25 September 2018

Valve body
Hi, You will have to reset the gearbox memory, the ATF counter, always assuming the ATF was completely changed, all of that using Diagbox. Initialize D and R from Neutral, going P>R>N>D and back a minim...
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Posted by arconell3 on 08 October 2018

Update on Heated seat element replacement
Hi Folks,
I had the same problem on the driver side.
Suddenly the seat heating was permanently off.
I checked the resistance and found that the backrest was ok (resistance around 1 Ohm) but the seat cus...
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Posted by Treurentner on 21 October 2018

Cruise control not working/unreliability fix...
My cruise control had the common problem. It initially worked intermittently, and could be coaxed back into life by moving the steering wheel up & down and in & out, but eventually that stoppe...
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Posted by MarkBevan on 22 September 2018

car written off, C6 VVV plate

The car has gone to the following breaker if anyone wants parts.

HBC Salvage, Charfleets Ind Estate, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 0PQ

The damage was to rear left wheel and probably subframe as well, rest...
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Posted by DustBolt on 26 September 2018

fast blinking
Has any of the lamps (bulbs) been replaced? And are they all appearing to emanate the same brightness that they always did?

The side repeaters are sealed-in W5W (501, 5-Watt amber) lamps; if one of the...
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Posted by e3steve on 30 September 2018

bulbs list
FAQ #220 'Find a list of replacement bulb types for my C6' - Click Here -

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Posted by MarkBevan on 30 September 2018

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