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Family photo
Here are some photos from earlier this summer with the entire Citroen family parked at our house.

The C5 is a standard 2,0 hdi from 2011. Absolutely fantastic car!
The C6 is a 2.2 hdi from 2009. Absolut...
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Posted by madst on 22 August 2019

Gearbox Oil Change
Hi, just wanted to post an update on my gearbox oil change.

Thanks gmerry for confirmation of spec for Comma oil, unfortunately I didn't see your update until I had finished the job.

Anyway, the main pr...
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Posted by xantiaboy on 01 September 2019

Locked Out - ABS Warning
Thanks lads,

I reckon it was an ABS sensor that suddenly decided to create a speed input which activated the auto locking. As I said the ABS fault light appeared on the dash soon after. Although since ...
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Posted by cruiserphil on 03 September 2019

C6 trim levels
Hi, guys. Recently, I stumbled upon a brochure for the Citroen C6 from back when it first became available here in Germany in 2006. I thought it will be interesting to see which options exactly did th...
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Posted by Radox on 18 September 2019

Bought My 1st C6!
I just did a change of the gearbox oil and when I tried to reset the "oil usage counter" to 000000 I have found out that you have to put in a "1" at the very end (000001), otherwise the system doesn't...
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Posted by Fraunie on 21 August 2019

I got a very well kept C6
Hello everyone, glad to have found this useful forum. About a month ago, I bougth a 2007 Citroen C6 2.7 HDI Exclusive with only 115.000 km on it! I was in love with the car for about 3 years and last ...
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Posted by Radox on 27 August 2019

new and old boy wanting advice
Hi Paul,

My 2.2 is nudging 227,000 miles so I wouldn't consider 133 as high mileage.

At 133,000 be aware that it will be due a cambelt, DPF fluid refill, and a clutch/DMF before too long if these have ...
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Posted by Dan595 on 29 August 2019

Breaking up 2008 2.7 C6
Just starting to break up a 2008 2.7 Lignage. It’s in black with black leather. The engine and gearbox has already gone and the front bumper is damaged but is repairable if you have a badly damaged...
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Posted by Xanv6 on 04 September 2019

Engine Oil?
Yes, that's right.None of these oils can be used. The right ones are ASEA C2 certified (low SAPS). From TOTAL this would now be: Total Quartz Ineo ECS 5W-30
(PSA standard B71 2290). In 2005/6 the ASEA...
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Posted by Tjensen on 05 September 2019

Engine Oil?
Hi, this is anecdotal for sure but I owned a C6 2.7HDi for 10 years and in that period carried out about 22 oil changes!!!. Regardless of miles or usage, it got changed every 6 months. The rationale b...
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Posted by gmerry on 12 September 2019

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