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From possible to actual (previously "Hello from a possible C6 owner")
I took the leap! Not my first Citroën-mad leap, but I've done it.

Thanks to advice on this and the fb forum, I flew from Dublin to Leeds last week and drove home in a beautiful 2.7 HDi Exclusive. 2007 ...
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Posted by 82t on 14 February 2018

C6 newbie
Hi all...
Should be picking up my C6 later in the week, I’ve bought a 2008 2.7HDi lignage, dark metallic blue (not sure of the exact colour yet) with 88k on the clock, full history and seems immaculate...
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Posted by BillyBigBones on 21 January 2018

RT4 Audio/Nav malfunction
Magnelli Marelli offer a fixed price repair for the head unit for £350, what ever the fault. It's aimed at Citroën dealers who would sub contact the work of their customers.
I'll get the details and po...
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Posted by Hattershaun on 13 February 2018

Fuel primer bulb - mouse outrage
The situation is now resolved, so a bit of a wrap-up:-

As pointed out earlier in the thread, the replacement Citroen part is 1597LT (this is a 2.2 HDi that’s I’m writing about). This is the entire fuel...
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Posted by sotweedfactor on 12 February 2018

Timing belt change, what else to do whilst she's opened up?
A little advice (from my experience with this car), take a look at the accessories tensioner. It's fragile and could need replacement.
Also check very carefully if the tensioner has been tighten with o...
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Posted by machsantos on 15 February 2018

Hello from almost new owner...
Hello guys,

Looking at buying my 1st 'used' C6 in the next few days, having previously had three new ones as company cars between 2006-2008.

They are starting to look like amazing value 10 years on...

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Posted by Sea6Steve on 20 February 2018

C6 newbie
Hi Dave
Thanks for the tips, I have a friend who works for Jaguar and Land Rover so he’s very familiar with the 2.7hdi engine! Welwyn Gatden City isn’t local to me but I’ll keep it in mind if I need an...
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Posted by BillyBigBones on 22 January 2018

Oil leakage ?
Thanks again for advice. Will get the car back tomorrow. Chose to replace the thermostat housing as well. The leaking oil is coming from the heat exchanger itself, half-way up on the body there is a j...
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Posted by Tjensen on 23 January 2018

3.0 V6 HDI 240 repeated total engine breakdowns
I wonder why b4mky names the 3.0 engine as a "3.0hdi peugeot/citroen unit in land Rovers" when the development engineering, especially for 3.0, was all done by Ford?

Another thing to keep in mind in th...
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Posted by gmerry on 25 January 2018

Hello from Croatia
Hi to everyone, my name is Silvo, Im 39, mag.eng. of traffic, work in Ministry of traffic. From yesterday Im owner of C6 2.7 from 2007, also I have the Goddess from 1975. Best regards to all C6 owners...
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Posted by Sridzak on 29 January 2018

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