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C6 Sidelamp (Sidelight) Bulb Replacement.
I probably just couldn't see it, but I looked in vain for anything on changing the sidelamp bulb in the upper part of the headlamp.So for anyone else looking ----

Bonnet up and head for the piece of fi...
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Posted by onthecut on 21 April 2019

Lounge Pack Rear Seats Not Working, Strange Fault!
Hi Candide,
I know a bit about your car, as I knew the previous owner.
It left the factory with standard Lignage black half leather/half cloth seats.
The Alezan leather seats were fitted by the previous ...
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Posted by Hattershaun on 29 April 2019

Noise and judder when steering on hard left lock
By all means check the LDS fluid level first but I doubt it will be that.
The power steering pump is working it's hardest when the LDS is cold and at full lock. The squealing sounds like a slipping aux...
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Posted by MGmike on 08 May 2019

Bad starter?
If it's cranking slow I would be looking at the starter motor as Phil says.
The ECU looks for the crank and cam senors to sync before issuing a fuel request and to sync the engine needs to be turning o...
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Posted by MGmike on 14 May 2019

Just about to buy.
I guess besides peace of mind you also got some warranty?

Of might be less severe then you currently think. Abs, parking brake and cruise control might have 1 underlying fault which could be as simple ...
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Posted by furriegurrie on 20 April 2019

Under tray.
Hi Dowen.

Worth checking you haven't got a split or loose hose / connector on the run from the intrcooler to (or at) the inlet Y piece. (Assuming it's a 2.7 or 3.0) That definitely gives a perceptible ...
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Posted by onthecut on 21 April 2019

New Owner
Hello all, picking up my C6 in the next few days. I've always loved the shape and recognised the innovation involved from the beginning.

So, I've sold my Saab 9-5 Aero Anniversary (great car too!) and...
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Posted by officer19 on 18 April 2019

2008 2.7 Mauritius Blue 70,000 Fully Loaded One Owner
Hi Dave and Phil and Steve's, great to see you enthusiasts still using and looking after your C6s. This website really s such a great friendly place that makes owning a C6 all the better. Cheers
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Posted by gmerry on 18 April 2019

Just about to buy.
As an update. The garage did promptly respond to my email, organised the car to be picked up and fixed all the faults and a few I didn’t know had developed.

Well done Wolsey House Motors.
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Posted by Tonkerdog on 25 April 2019

New Owner - first issues!!!
Hi Ronnie.

The scraping noise ---- pop each wheel off and check that the brake disc rear shield hasn't taken a knock and is lightly contacting the edge of the disc.

I've had this on mine and that was t...
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Posted by onthecut on 25 April 2019

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