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Happy 2020!
A very happy new year from all C6-friends to all C6 owners. May all your wishes come true!

Please always drive carefully,

Best regards, Robert

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Posted by arconell3 on 01 January 2020

Who makes the various parts that make up a Citroen C6?
Whilst Citroen design and build cars we all know they are assembled from parts outsourced to specialist suppliers but who makes what on the C6?

Well this item from Automotive News back in 2005 lists a ...
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Posted by C6Dave on 03 January 2020

B Pillar Covers & Headlining
I'm just making this a Super Sticky so that it can be found easily.

I've found what appears to be a perfect match for the A, B, C & D pillar trims in the C6 after being pointed in the direction of ...
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Posted by David Hallworth on 06 January 2020

Advice on diagnosing an on-going "Suspension Faulty"


I'm pleased to say that I now have the suspension working correctly. The error is no longer being thrown and the variable damping / travel sensors appear to be functioning as intended. T...
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Posted by mixolydian on 14 January 2020

3.0 V6 HDI 240 repeated total engine breakdowns
Althought this is an old thread, I might add some info to it from South Africa which has quite a few land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 models which as you know shares the engine with Citroen. The 3.0 has b...
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Posted by CorneSoutAfrica on 25 December 2019

2006 Lignage Braking for Spares
Already messaged you on F/Book Mike.For those not on F/Book here are the pictures

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Posted by C6Dave on 20 December 2019

Retrimming Interior Pillars
Lektorit wrote ...

I have been looking too, and found this: - Click Here -

I have not yet been in contact with seller.

I reached out to Woolies yesterday. They were incredibly helpful and sent me a samp...
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Posted by David Hallworth on 04 January 2020

Map sensor cleaning.
That looks totally blocked, strange you didn't get P0069.
I don't think you have to clean the throttle body right away, but maybe at next given chance, when you take it off for other reasons.

There will...
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Posted by Nikolaj on 05 January 2020

Gearbox Oil Change
Hi all, if like me you are planning to change your gearbox oil by the method of multiple drain and refills, then you can get an economically priced 20L can of Comma ASW @ £136 delivered.

I used AZ A...
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Posted by xantiaboy on 12 January 2020

Timing Belt Change
The timing belt is now done.

I gave up waiting for the tool to pin the crank to arrive from eBay and ended up making my own.

Anyway, all done and dusted without any issues. The first time I fitted the ...
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Posted by David Hallworth on 18 January 2020

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