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Finally bought one.
After years of casting admiring glances at the occasional C6 that I saw on the road but never being brave enough to take one on I have finally bought one and am now the new owner of a 2008 2.2 manual....
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Posted by eifion on 02 September 2023

2007 2.7 Hdi Ganache Exclusive Loungepack for sale
Hello Userpco,
You have kept it well. It's a credit to you. Best of luck with the sale,
Best regards,
Phil C.
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Posted by cruiserphil on 01 September 2023

2007 2.7 Hdi Ganache Exclusive Loungepack for sale
Sold today leaving 2 interested parties disappointed.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who created and maintain this fine Web site and also those members who have responded with ...
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Posted by userpco on 01 September 2023

Rear seat (not lounge pack) removal
Finally managed to get the C6 on a ramp and sure enough the handbrake cable support bracket had broken off. I was so sure that is was something inside the car as well, but having re secured the bracke...
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Posted by adamw57 on 03 September 2023

C6 niggles
adamw57 wrote ...

Hi all, I’m having some issues with my recently acquired C6, some new, some old. Most concerning was when I arrived home late one evening, as I pulled up I could smell a burning coola...
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Posted by MGmike on 03 September 2023

Fai oil pump
If it was me I'd be going for the FoMoCo one - Click Here -
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Posted by MGmike on 04 September 2023

Help! Loss of oil!
Many thanks again for the offers - Hattershaun and MGMike - it has now given me more options. I think it makes sense in the first instance to contact MGMike as he is closer to me so I will send him a ...
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Posted by Candide on 05 September 2023

No noise from speakers
Sorted. It wasn't the head unit. Or was bad wiring. It's had an aftermarket unit in at some point and they've done a bad job reinstalling the stock unit.

I wonder if this will also fix the broken head...
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Posted by GeordieInExile on 08 September 2023

2.2 HDI engine replacement
I found the code 4HT DW12BTED4. Propably built in France for PSA and Jaguar/LR in different configurations.
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Posted by Tjensen on 21 September 2023

Simply French. Sunday 12th September
Sunday 10th Sepember. I shall be there in my C6 - YR59HYP
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Posted by Davet49 on 21 August 2023

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