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RT4 user_com.dat C6 to C5 image after 8.31 (Resolved)
Eureka, I find solution.

You have to remove HDD from RT4, connect it on PC, start GPH_EDITOR, click on Load and find on RT4 HDD (in folder Data_Base->Graphics->HARM00,HARM01,HARM02,HARM03,HARM04,HARM05,H...
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Posted by LightMatic on 04 July 2020

Fine When Cold, Power Loss When Hot
Hi All, thought I would share this as it took a lot of searching to find the answer.

My 2.7 had an issue where it would drive okay when cold but then become totally lethargic after 10-15 minutes. A thr...
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Posted by Cammmy on 30 June 2020

C6 sound insulation
gkirkov - I am sorry for the delay in replying. The old tyres were the original Michelins and had done 18000 miles and needed replacing. The new ones were Nexen 7000. I chose Nexen (budget) tyres rath...
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Posted by ChrisW on 12 June 2020

RT4 user_com.dat C6 to C5 image after 8.31 (Resolved)
After that, I mark all C6 pictures and click on export (I do it on desktop) and after that click on first C5 pic., then click on import and replace with identical pic. of C6, then all other replace in...
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Posted by C6Dave on 05 July 2020

RT4 user_com.dat C6 to C5 image after 8.31 (Resolved)
No problems when installing maps. The system disk (8.31) in the map box is the problem. When using this after a crash the system will install OK, but leave the following items "disabled":
*Opening scre...
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Posted by Tjensen on 06 July 2020

C6 Restoration
Hi, Citroen C6 has two fm aerial cables coming from back (rear window) of the car. In cars with the RT3 these two cables are combined in a box (aerial antenna amplifier, partno 9655888380) to one radi...
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Posted by eke on 11 June 2020

C6 Restoration
321dave wrote ...

I have the original RT5 aerial cables from the Peugeot donor. So I’ll most likely pull the glovebox and fit them from the aerial box you mention to the headunit.

I'm not sure if I und...
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Posted by eke on 12 June 2020

Height Sensor Voltage
Hi Anders, Basically there are 3 possibilities:

- Bad electrical connection of the sensor > clean the connector (male and female parts) with contact spray.

- Mechanical: the connecting rod on the sensor ...
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Posted by arconell3 on 16 June 2020

C6 Restoration
I’m happy to have sorted the Phibu wiring loom video problem now.

I didn’t have a clear understanding of where the Pin 5 and Pin 11 cables we’re coming from and it was in fact the old screen connector ...
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Posted by 321dave on 17 June 2020

Bouncy suspension and "misfiring"
Assuming your engine is 2.7HDi, the Flowmeter error could be faulty EGR valves, I had the same error & the hesitation at 1750rpm on my first C6.

You could have another sphere with low pressure or a...
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Posted by Hattershaun on 23 June 2020

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