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C6owners.org is 10 years old
C6owners.org was set up on the 1st of October 2009, yes that's 10 years ago now. Where has all the time gone....

A big thank you from the Admin Team to all those members who have supported the site and...
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Posted by C6Dave on 02 October 2019

LDS Warning Label's
Attention C6 Owners

courtesy of frenchcarforum

Another member of the Forum recently had his C5 X7 LDS tank explode at a recent tyre fitting session, when the vehicle was lowered back to the ground.

For ...
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Posted by Trainman on 12 July 2019

Family photo
Here are some photos from earlier this summer with the entire Citroen family parked at our house.

The C5 is a standard 2,0 hdi from 2011. Absolutely fantastic car!
The C6 is a 2.2 hdi from 2009. Absolut...
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Posted by madst on 22 August 2019

My C6, engine died, found a brand new one, a small movie
Also the pics going with it..

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Posted by Garfield on 25 February 2020

2.7 Alternator Replacement - Some thoughts having done it

I'm not a professional mechanic and this isn't a full write-up so please treat accordingly, but I recently changed the alternator on my 2.7HDi C6 and wanted to share a few thoughts for anyone co...
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Posted by mixolydian on 29 July 2019

Returning to the fold...
Well, the weekend has been and gone, as has the trip to France!

We stayed in Dover on Friday last week before boarding the ferry from Dover to Calais. After a smooth enough crossing we got to Calais wi...
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Posted by David Hallworth on 07 November 2019

[SOLVED] Mobile deflector faulty

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but for those who aren't aware it is possible to raise and lower the deflector by turning the mechanism manually. This can be accessed by removing t...
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Posted by mixolydian on 21 January 2020

Error P1536 lack of Cruise Control
After sorting out a MAF error the only error which turned out to be a loose hose clip.... I was left with an error: P1536 - Brake pedal switch : ...
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Posted by C6Dave on 10 October 2019

Injector caused troubles
Having solved the problem now, I'll share my experiences, should anyone else be so unfortunate, to end up in the same trouble.

I bought the car july 2019, outside temp 30-40 deg. and the car drove fine...
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Posted by Nikolaj on 17 December 2019

Gearbox Oil Cooler - A Warning...
Well, the 407 is finished...

I replaced the oil cooler with a 2nd hand cooler and I've flushed about 70 litres of AW-1 (JWS 3324) transmission fluid through it. The fluid coming out is now as clean as ...
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Posted by David Hallworth on 17 December 2019

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