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where to buy LEXIA / DIAGBOX ? (to ship to USA)
MGmike wrote ...

they're available on Amazon US
- Click Here -

There are no tutorials I'm aware of but YouTube might have something.

It won't run on a Macbook Pro. You'll need an old Win XP or Win 7 32 B...
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Posted by cit-rotti on 21 February 2024

2012 Citroen C6 3.0 HDI Exclusive For Sale
I’m selling my Citroen C6.

My car is a Left Hand Drive 2012 (One of the last built and registered C6) 3.0 HDI Exclusive.

The car is Storm Grey with Black Leather.
It’s covered 158,000 miles.

The gearbo...
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Posted by David Hallworth on 13 June 2023

Finally bought one.
After years of casting admiring glances at the occasional C6 that I saw on the road but never being brave enough to take one on I have finally bought one and am now the new owner of a 2008 2.2 manual....
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Posted by eifion on 02 September 2023

Replacing a Rear Door Lock
Hi All,

Just thought that I would document a problem and fix that I had with my right hand rear door.

After the fault being momentary for a while, it eventually become a permanent fault. The car did not...
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Posted by markp on 28 January 2024

Hello everybody
Hello friends, everything is solved now. The mirrors were overridden with diagbox. I have already found the route to reactivate them:
Go to bsi/repair/telecoding/manual telecoding/customer customizatio...
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Posted by mcaxantia on 12 April 2023

2007 2.7Hdi Storm Grey Exclusive Loungepack for sale
After 14 years of ownership we have decided to put our 2007 2.7HDi up for sale. With recent major improvements in our bus services (BusConnects) I find that it is getting very little use and hard to j...
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Posted by cruiserphil on 23 June 2023

Odometer reading correction
It is not possible with the DIAGBOX and I doubt that it is possible with "legal" methods. We had to change the speedometer unit on a C5 R and now have 320000KM instead of approx. 195000KM.
Help will pr...
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Posted by cit-rotti on 22 July 2023

New hydraulic pump with complete electronic unit.
Up and running, found the problem

All the parameters in section below must be programmed as Present.

Hade one that was Absent (ECU parameter 2)

Hope this helps for some one else


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Posted by Anders on 27 July 2023

Digital display failure
My display on my 2007 2,7 hdi exclusive has been, knock on wood, good until now and still no problems and 221000km. So I thought maybe it's time to try to avoid future problem and black display. The...
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Posted by Citrofix on 22 November 2023

9k miles C6 2.7HDi 2009 = Money Pit?
Quick update on the above post. It's now been nearly a year since I added the Omega 917. No drips or weeps - the hydraulics are completely leak-free and working perfectly. I would not hesitate to use ...
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Posted by ChrisW on 30 December 2023

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