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The Eagle has Landed
I've always thought of the C6 as a spaceship, but never thought that it would last the lunar distance - particularly when I bought it at 5,000 miles.

Having got to the moon, it's good to see there is s...
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Posted by Dan595 on 08 October 2020

C6 Online review
I’ve shown my C6 to interested parties a couple of times at Car & Coffee events.
There’s plenty of regular toys that are good for a laugh, like cup holders, door pocket bins and the Head Up display...
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Posted by DSDan on 16 November 2020

Auto gearbox fluid change
For hobby screwdrivers there is an easier way to change the complete oil of the Asin gearbox.
Usually, gear specialists use for rinsing and filling in addition to the technical. Device an adapter...
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Posted by cit-rotti on 06 December 2020

2.7 HDI vlog super maintenance :D
Hi Guys,

Just thought I'd chip in in case anyone is particularly interested in this work and doesn't know how to get the subtitles up on YouTube. It's very easy.

Just press the cc, (closed captions), ic...
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Posted by DSDan on 19 May 2020

RT4 user_com.dat C6 to C5 image after 8.31 (Resolved)
Eureka, I find solution.

You have to remove HDD from RT4, connect it on PC, start GPH_EDITOR, click on Load and find on RT4 HDD (in folder Data_Base->Graphics->HARM00,HARM01,HARM02,HARM03,HARM04,HARM05,H...
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Posted by LightMatic on 04 July 2020

C6 2.2 HDi from Portugal
Hi guys, I just bought a 2.2 HDi from 2006 with 210000km.
I don't know if there are more users from Portugal in this forum, but here we have some units of the last great true citroën.
I will try to expl...
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Posted by ribeiropa on 16 December 2020

Head gasket saga begun .!!
It's a sad sad day but I have to announce the end of this Saga. My problematical big girl has succumbed, she's given in, and allowed me to FINISH her.

I've worked on some of the greatest cars ever bu...
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Posted by sidenham on 21 April 2020

Advice on potential purchase.
Good Luck with that Andrew,

Every dollar spent on maintenance of my C6 is viewed as an attack on our household by my wife. My argument, not very successful, is that my maintenance and running costs are...
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Posted by FraserG on 04 May 2020

Rattle from rear door; door stays
This is a follow up to an earlier thread I started, 'Rear seat (not lounge pack) removal'.

I had an annoying rattle coming from somewhere behind me and I suspected the framework of the rear seats. In t...
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Posted by sotweedfactor on 15 August 2020

Build Sticker Explained

Have you ever wondered what those numbers on the door tag mean? I will explain right now!

These numbers are the car's APV code, which is related to its production. the APV Code is divided into the fo...
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Posted by Trainman on 10 October 2020

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