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Coolant level sensor retrofit solved.
Just to get started a few basic principles. Sensor has a three way plug, it needs earth(1), ignition(3) and sends then a signal(2) (5V - ok, 0V - coolant level low). Earth is no problem, ignition can...
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Posted by vaho on 01 October 2016

2.7HDI Starter motor removal and refit procedure
Here's a guide on how to remove and replace starter motor for 2.7HDI PSA engine. My car is Citroen C5 but procedure is the same with C6 and Peugeot cars with this engine. English is not my native lang...
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Posted by olmala on 15 February 2017

SWIRL flap actuator repair
Hi all. Maybe you already know this but nevertheless.
I think many of us are driving around completely oblivious of the fact that the SWIRL actuators are shot. I had a throttle response issue, meaning ...
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Posted by vaho on 14 October 2016

Coolant level sensor retrofit solved.
Since there is in Lexia a reference to the coolant level sensor I have been investigating retrofitting one. Not to incorporate it with the oil pressure sensor but to connect it directly to the BSI. We...
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Posted by vaho on 01 October 2016

Electric handbrake not releasing, SOLVED
I have struggled some time with handbrake not releasing properly on one side.
Finally the solution was very simple and cheap. There is a handbrake cable suspender (see picture) on each side, but on the...
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Posted by jannelehtimaki on 09 August 2017

Me again.....
As Britney sang "Oops I did It Again"

I originally went to look at a 3.0 HDi Hydractive 3 C5, but it was parked amongst several C6's so no contest....

No offence to anyone on site selling a C6 but my c...
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Posted by Dave-Retired on 09 August 2017

Inside the Suspension Pump - some photos and thoughts
Having had to bite the bullet and replace my suspension pump recently I thought I'd satisfy my curiosity by taking the old one apart and in the process maybe find what was wrong with it (that made it ...
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Posted by robingc33 on 15 November 2016

New C6 owner

I'm far from new to big Citroens having owned countless XMs, a few CXs, a few BXs, and a GSA. I blame my father.

I've been agonising about what to move on to from the XMs ( I have 3 ) for years, I b...
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Posted by beckyrachel on 29 December 2016

Finally taken the plunge
Hi all
I'm something of a serial consumer of advice on forums like this one, so before I start asking neophyte questions, I'd better say Hello.

I've just taken the plunge and bought a Lignage, 2.2, manu...
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Posted by CitroenCrazy on 10 April 2017

FLIR thermal images of engine
Experimenting with a thermal camera, Just thought to take a few shots of the C6 engine.

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Posted by 321dave on 01 June 2017

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