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Rear wheel bearing replacement
Hi all.

It is not a difficult job and there are some topics about it as well but since there are no pictures, I thought it might be helpful.

What you need:
1. 13 mm socket
2. torx T55 socket
3. torx T30 so...
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Posted by vaho on 27 March 2017

Parking brake/rear caliper sticking
Hi all.

I made a mistake not to use the parking brake during the winter because I thought it might stick do to the possible moisture getting into the cables and freezing temperatures. So I got a sticki...
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Posted by vaho on 24 April 2017

Me again with another C6 and the usual niggles.... But now gone.
As Britney sang "Oops I did It Again"

I originally went to look at a 3.0 HDi Hydractive 3 C5, but it was parked amongst several C6's so no contest....

No offence to anyone on site selling a C6 but my c...
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Posted by C6Dave on 09 August 2017

Electric Parking Brake
All back together and everything works fine. IN case anyone has a similar problem, I'll post a couple of pictures and also the name of the cable manufacturer in Poland who did the cables for me. He di...
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Posted by MikeH on 25 March 2018

Ten Years
Happy Anniversary. I collected my C6 from Citroen Coventry on Christmas Eve 2008. Ten years and 210,000 miles later (I bought secondhand, at two years and 5.000 miles) I'm pleased to say that, despit...
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Posted by Dan595 on 24 December 2018

Seasons greetings
Just a quick note to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the new year from all the admins.

Thank you for your continued support, without you there is no forum, so thank you.
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Posted by Trainman on 24 December 2018

LDS Warning Label's
Attention C6 Owners

courtesy of frenchcarforum

Another member of the Forum recently had his C5 X7 LDS tank explode at a recent tyre fitting session, when the vehicle was lowered back to the ground.

For ...
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Posted by Trainman on 12 July 2019

Family photo
Here are some photos from earlier this summer with the entire Citroen family parked at our house.

The C5 is a standard 2,0 hdi from 2011. Absolutely fantastic car!
The C6 is a 2.2 hdi from 2009. Absolut...
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Posted by madst on 22 August 2019

Latest software for RT4 and RT5 is out: 8.31
Hi everyone

the latest software version 8.31 for RT4 and RT5 is available.
This has many improvements on the system, and corrects the following faults:

On RT4:

Random reboots of the system.
Display of phon...
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Posted by m3mpower on 06 April 2013

Level Switch for Coolant Reservoir / Degassing Tank
Hi all, here's a circuit diagram to link the Cartier level switch into the BSi as found on the 2.7HDi (or any other variant without a coolant expansion tank level monitoring circuit)

(Click Im...
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Posted by gmerry on 08 November 2013

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