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Coolant level sensor retrofit solved.
Just to get started a few basic principles. Sensor has a three way plug, it needs earth(1), ignition(3) and sends then a signal(2) (5V - ok, 0V - coolant level low). Earth is no problem, ignition can...
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Posted by vaho on 01 October 2016

Electrical Nightmare
The good news is that this story has a happy ending. Initial indications, however, were that diagnosis and cure might cost more than the value of the car.

My local auto electrician and my friendly C...
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Posted by c6kev on 22 December 2015

2.7HDI Starter motor removal and refit procedure
Here's a guide on how to remove and replace starter motor for 2.7HDI PSA engine. My car is Citroen C5 but procedure is the same with C6 and Peugeot cars with this engine. English is not my native lang...
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Posted by olmala on 15 February 2017

Adjusting C6 suspension height

I finally sorted out the failed programming of front right hand height sensor but it took about a day plus a lot of head scratching and trial and error. However, what I found I think will be of i...
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Posted by cruiserphil on 15 January 2012

Here is why the door stays are failing
I have replaced my left front door stay, and I can see now why these are failing. The small piece of aluminum facing up is corroding, probably because of water coming down from above. When the aluminu...
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Posted by gbl on 19 July 2015

Citroen C6- The last great French luxury classic?
Citroen C6- The last great French luxury classic?

There is something mysterious about the big French executive saloon. The CX, XM, 604, 605, 607, Renault 25, Safrane and the Vel Satis. Not the car you...
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Posted by patcrean406 on 07 May 2016

SWIRL flap actuator repair
Hi all. Maybe you already know this but nevertheless.
I think many of us are driving around completely oblivious of the fact that the SWIRL actuators are shot. I had a throttle response issue, meaning ...
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Posted by vaho on 14 October 2016

Level Switch for Coolant Reservoir / Degassing Tank
Hi all, here's a circuit diagram to link the Cartier level switch into the BSi as found on the 2.7HDi (or any other variant without a coolant expansion tank level monitoring circuit)

(Click Im...
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Posted by gmerry on 08 November 2013

Suspension bushings and joint replacement guide.
I started to get an irritant clunk sound from the front right wheel but could not find no play.

However, I could feel a small backlash from the left lower spindelled, but
from there, it sounded nothing,...
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Posted by datmbn on 22 July 2015

Coolant level sensor retrofit solved.
Since there is in Lexia a reference to the coolant level sensor I have been investigating retrofitting one. Not to incorporate it with the oil pressure sensor but to connect it directly to the BSI. We...
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Posted by vaho on 01 October 2016

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