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2.7 HDI Radiator repair

Here in Norway a new "original" costs 9000 nok, about 900 €, just crazy...

I think there is a spanish company that manufacture the "original" ones, called Ordonez, - Click Here -. Have not managed to...
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Posted by Citrofix on 17 January 2021

Question about circuit symbol instrument cluster
Sorry, stupid question ... I could have checked the plug in the car before: it's 12 Volts
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Posted by pwvoogt on 18 December 2020

Hi from Opie Oils - New Club Discount to All Members
Just an update to this.

I ordered from Opie Oils at 5pm yesterday. The stuff I wanted wasn't in stock so they called me to advise me of this, another product was chosen and it's been dispatched within...
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Posted by David Hallworth on 17 December 2020

3.0 HDI Engine Oil
I ordered the Total Quartz Ineo 5w30 from Opie Oils. Unfortunately it's out of stock at the moment. They called to advise that they're not sure when it'll be back in stock so I've re-ordered 6 litres ...
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Posted by David Hallworth on 17 December 2020

Advice on diagnosing an on-going "Suspension Faulty"
Second follow up!

That evening, I hooked up Diagbox and attempted to read and correct the axle heights. Time was pressing, so I guessed the front as an experiment to see what (if anything changed).
On e...
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Posted by kitch on 10 December 2020

Auto gearbox fluid change
For hobby screwdrivers there is an easier way to change the complete oil of the Asin gearbox.
Usually, gear specialists use for rinsing and filling in addition to the technical. Device an adapter...
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Posted by cit-rotti on 06 December 2020

Is there life after C6?
How interesting,

I was only thinking about this myself this week (particularly after reading the posts about the 2.7 hdi blown engine), and as mine is a high mileage one @ 138k miles, I have decided to...
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Posted by Ranger12 on 20 November 2020

Changing Spheres or not?
arconell3 wrote ...

That appears to be a shock absorption issue rather than a suspension issue. Unless your C6 is a 2.2 HDI, the Amvar (variable damping) system (inside the struts) would be responsible...
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Posted by C6Marcy on 20 November 2020

C6 Online review
I’ve shown my C6 to interested parties a couple of times at Car & Coffee events.
There’s plenty of regular toys that are good for a laugh, like cup holders, door pocket bins and the Head Up display...
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Posted by DSDan on 16 November 2020

New member and opinions on the C6 so far!
You are right. C6 is a compromise built on PSA platform ("extra long" P407 Coupe) smaller than DS and XM, larger than C5 or Audi A6 and smaller than Audi A8. Typical limousine: large outside, but sma...
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Posted by Tjensen on 15 November 2020

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