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Citroen Centenary **UPDATED 23.05.19**
Norman wrote ...

I may not be able to make it this year due to the chemotherapy treatment I’m having for the next few months keeping me grounded and very susceptible to infections

That's such a shame...
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Posted by Trainman on 09 May 2019

C6 Sidelamp (Sidelight) Bulb Replacement.
I probably just couldn't see it, but I looked in vain for anything on changing the sidelamp bulb in the upper part of the headlamp.So for anyone else looking ----

Bonnet up and head for the piece of fi...
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Posted by onthecut on 21 April 2019

New Owner
Welcome Ronnie and thank you
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Posted by Trainman on 18 April 2019

First Impressions
UPDATE: I thought it may be helpful to post some figures here: my return journey totalled 445 miles. According to the car's computer, that distance was covered whilst providing 43mpg, however, I fille...
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Posted by Candide on 30 March 2019

Just about to buy.
Tonkerdog wrote ...

I spend a lot of time abroad, and have two SIM cards in my phone at anyone time. I don’t want one of the nasty Parrot things sticking out of the dash either.

Mine has a Parrot instal...
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Posted by verycleverman on 22 February 2019

Problem with door mirror in passenger side
I think I found the reason for the problem and also managed to fix it - at least temporarily.

After removing the mirror glass, I checked that everything was sitting OK inside the mirror - and it did. S...
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Posted by madst on 03 February 2019

Electric Parking Brake
Hi, I had same problem with right wheel cable when it snaped and broke due to corrosion. I have removed the break ECU and tried to drive the car without it, but it was not possible. So I have mounted ...
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Posted by Krtcho on 10 January 2019

Hi Dave,

The compass is still present in 8.31. if you do not have the SATNAV running a route it will appear if you go to the Climate screen (as selected via the buttons on the left side of the head un...
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Posted by Swalleau on 08 January 2019

Seasons greetings
A merry Christmas and happy new year to all C6er's. May 2019 be a cheap and trouble free year for your car.
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Posted by FreakyFrenchFan on 26 December 2018

Seasons greetings
Just a quick note to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the new year from all the admins.

Thank you for your continued support, without you there is no forum, so thank you.
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Posted by Trainman on 24 December 2018

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