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Wish List for my 2.2hdi Man
Thanks to all for the updates and words of wisdom. I really love the car as well and for me the 2.2 manual is the best blend of style, cost and economy, I rarely get below 42mpg on mixed driving cond...
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Posted by Jas16 on 29 May 2020

C6 - Breaking for parts - 2.7HDi Exclusive 2008
Norman wrote ...

Hi Shaun,
i have a 2.2 automatic and one of the handbrake cables has failed do you know if the parts from your car will fit mine and if so are they still available and the price..

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Posted by Hattershaun on 26 May 2020

Handbrake cable
cruiserphil wrote ...

Hello Br. Joopa,

Thanks for your reply. That's great to know. Do you know what the actual length is?

Best regards,

Phil C.

Hi sorry - its nearly impossible to accurately measure those...
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Posted by joopajaa on 11 May 2020

C6 Ambient lighting
Try this:
When automatic headlights are on (i.e. it is dark outside!): Press Menu button>select Configuration>Display luminosity

Turn brightness all the way up. You should now see the ambient lighting.

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Posted by arconell3 on 16 April 2020

C6 Windows and heavy frost
Hi. I live in Norway, and also had this problem during winter. I then decided to take out all the locks, part 1 in the part picture and the handle micro switch, part 12.

I cleaned the locks on the out...
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Posted by Citrofix on 07 April 2020

handbrake replacement
What it says is that you need to put the handbrake in the 'removal position' using the diagnostic tool before removing.

Once replaced you need to:

Carry out; Using a diagnostic tool:

• Re-adjustment of t...
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Posted by C6Dave on 09 February 2020

Bonnet won't open
Had another look Norman and there is nothing on changing the bonnet cable in the C6 docs in the EPC.

There is a guide for the C5, but there is nothing in that guide on 'lock adjustment' I'm afraid.

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Posted by C6Dave on 29 November 2019

Bonnet won't open
Norman I have looked at the specific C6 'bonnet' tech guides and all there is is one to remove and refit it, but that contains no instructions on 'adjustment' for the catch I'm afraid.

I'll keep lookin...
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Posted by C6Dave on 28 November 2019

Where to buy the I.F.H.S. Sphere
Thanks MGMike,
good to know Autodoc have stock online again. Handy Black Friday discounts as well this time.
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Posted by 321dave on 27 November 2019

Where to buy the I.F.H.S. Sphere
I've used PSA's lower cost Eurorepar branded spheres and found them perfectly acceptable, I can't tell any difference to the Citroën genuine ones. They look identical, apart from not have the chevron ...
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Posted by Hattershaun on 26 November 2019

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