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Well one should never say never....
Yes I've gone and done it again and bought another C6.... This one is a 2008 reg 2.7 Lignage which has black leather and Navidrive factory upgrades and is fitted with 3.0 Hdi 'Atlantique' wheels with ...
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Posted by C6Dave on 25 June 2019

C6 engine shake, engine mount worn? which one?
be careful with the eBay driveshafts as they are frequently listed as fitting a C6 but don't, ask me how I know

The front and rear engine mounts need to be removed for inspection as they have side ...
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Posted by MGmike on 23 June 2019

Coolant Intake Replacement Citroen C6 2.7Hdi
Hello pgrant5,

The tutorial is here.

Best regards,

Phil C.
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Posted by cruiserphil on 21 June 2019

C1195 Front axle average travel : Inconsistent value
‘Bending the bracket’ doesn’t work! There’s some dialogue on the forum which supports this. I had a similar issue with my old 2.7, whereby the bracket on one side had become bent. I re-formed ...
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Posted by trev500 on 19 June 2019

Adjusting C6 suspension height
I remember explaining the DPF to a tyre fitter as he fitted new tyres to my 2.2HDi C5 Estate, around 15 years ago. I demonstrated by wiping a clean, white cloth around the inside of the tailpipe. To h...
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Posted by verycleverman on 18 June 2019

Adjusting C6 suspension height
My 3.0 Hdi has 165 000 km's and exhaust system ends /tail pipes/ still looks almost clean inside ! (but look at an Audi or VW.......)
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Posted by Tjensen on 16 June 2019

Correct oil standard ?
I would NOT recommend 0W30, your C6 is Euro 5, not Euro 6. Stick with 5W30, low SAPS oil. (I am not familiar with Mobil 1 5W30, but if it is C2 AND Low SAPS it should be fine.

Regards Robert
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Posted by arconell3 on 09 June 2019

Tone controls on RT4
I've set up voice tags for my most common sat nav destinations and I really like it because it saves a lot of time going through the fiddly menus to set a destination.

However, if there is a physical b...
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Posted by rwb on 07 June 2019

Central door locking
I by accident I tried to open the rear passenger door I had pulled the handle as she unlocked the car after that the door would not open tried unlocking and locking the car with the remote to no avai...
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Posted by Norman on 06 June 2019

Is this ebay Thermostat Housing okay to use?
Hello Keith,

You're more than welcome.

I got the sensor on eBay and ordered the plug and the various pins from Vaho's suggested supplier. I'll check up where I got the thin wall wiring from. I also pick...
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Posted by cruiserphil on 30 May 2019

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