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Rear Bumper WANTED
I have a silver one available.
Might need a little work on the towing eye cover to make it stay put (bit of silicon would work fine).
If you're not in a hurry I'll be passing you at some point to visit ...
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Posted by MGmike on 02 June 2020

C6 sound insulation
My car had wind noise from front door window. The window rose just few mm higher than it should. I discovered this simply by opening and closing the window and stopping it with the button just before ...
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Posted by mtee on 29 May 2020

C6 - Breaking for parts - 2.7HDi Exclusive 2008
Norman wrote ...

Hi Shaun,
i have a 2.2 automatic and one of the handbrake cables has failed do you know if the parts from your car will fit mine and if so are they still available and the price..

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Posted by Hattershaun on 26 May 2020

Wish List for my 2.2hdi Man
I think that dual exausts and the 'newer' mirrors are the worst visual features of the 3.0 HDI models. My guess is that they tried to make it look more aggressive as it was failing to sell.
However, C6...
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Posted by Paulius on 25 May 2020

Wish List for my 2.2hdi Man
As another 2.2 Exclusive Manual owner...

I'd be interested to hear how you get on with the extra sound insulation.

Otherwise, just enjoy the car. I thought about RT4 and all that stuff for a bit, but n...
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Posted by Dan595 on 24 May 2020

2.7 HDI vlog super maintenance :D
Hi Guys,

Just thought I'd chip in in case anyone is particularly interested in this work and doesn't know how to get the subtitles up on YouTube. It's very easy.

Just press the cc, (closed captions), ic...
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Posted by DSDan on 19 May 2020

New member need BSI help!
If you've already moved it to South Bucks I would move it again to just out of North Bucks to B.L Autos in Milton Keynes.

Your garage might be right in their diagnosis but as the repair is likely to be...
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Posted by MGmike on 13 May 2020

Battery Life and Replacement
Big battery, powerful charger, charge as often as you can = few problems. Even the 5A CTEK charger is a little underpowered. 8A is more realistic and 10A even better.
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Posted by Tjensen on 08 May 2020

c6 3.0 fap smoke from engine
The fail was at exhaust system collector back of engine symptoms are:

-white smoke come from engine bay when doing the regeneration due post injection;
-smell of burned diesel when idling and stoped as...
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Posted by joaoproenca on 22 April 2020

Head gasket saga begun .!!
It's a sad sad day but I have to announce the end of this Saga. My problematical big girl has succumbed, she's given in, and allowed me to FINISH her.

I've worked on some of the greatest cars ever bu...
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Posted by sidenham on 21 April 2020

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