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C6 Fuel consumption

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Sun Aug 14 2011, 10:23pm
Joined: Apr 06 2010
Member No: #82
Location: Maidenhead
Thanks for the heads up. Perhaps I'll document the road trip for you all!
Sun Aug 14 2011, 10:26pm
Joined: Nov 10 2010
Member No: #285
Im on the M5,M42,M40 to london at 6 tomorrow dropping at Oxford services for breakie so will try the 80-85 and will see if the round trip back home (approx 240miles) returns the same or better than usual

Ive been keeping it at 65-70 and returning around 38-42 mpg.

Tue Oct 25 2011, 05:00pm
Joined: Sep 26 2011
Member No: #641
Location: Crawley
I had a good result this morning on the way to work... the traffic was slow but constant, and I managed to average 51.4 mpg!

On average since i've had the car i've managed to return 39mpg which I think is pretty good.

Sorry about the size of that pic ... im not sure how to make it smaller...
Wed Oct 26 2011, 10:34am
Joined: Sep 20 2010
Member No: #238
Location: Aldeburgh
I've just had the fuel filter replaced in my 2.2, (27000 miles) and the economy has gone up, but only to about 37.

Next question- is it possible to clean the filter, 'cos changing it was £150! (Yes, I know, but that included a Lexia check)
Sun Apr 14 2013, 10:29pm
Joined: Jul 17 2012
Member No: #954
Location: Bergen
So far extremely pleased with the economy. MIxed driving for 5000km shows 0,74 l/10 km and the last trip home from the mountains was 0,61 l/10 km. The 3,0 Hdi is probably the most econonomic of the engines, in spite of all the power... ?
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