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Wed Dec 01 2010, 01:34pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
Well after a week of chipping away at snow and ice and carefully opening frozen doors and windows, (not to mention the folding mirrors) I thought I would try and get a 'car cap' for the C6.

I tried the specialist custom makes and no one did one for the C6 "because of the rake of the rear window"

A simple screen cover was no good in my opinion because of the frame-less window glass as I suspected (but not tried) that they won't be able to close properly

So I ended up buying a Halfords 'Extra Large' Car Cap one, the biggest they make, but even that isn't really big enough without a bit of 'adjustment'

The Extra Large is supposed to be 3.45m or 136" (you have to measure from the base of the windscreen, over the roof to the base of the rear window for your car size) but the C6 is, well, a big car.

Click the picture for a better view:

As you can see it doesn't stretch down to the rear of the rear window and that's down to the actual fasteners as there is nowhere to hook onto at the rear that I could find, apart from the wheels.

I have already added a temporary 'tie' at each door handle and will add another in the middle at the rear to go into the boot once the weather improves a bit

The temporary ones are just cord tied in a bow around the door handles, but I have an old luggage retaining net with hooks on that I may be able to cannibalise.

It's doing the job though, but it's a pity no one makes a custom one and this 'Extra Large' as it comes out of the box, is no good..
Wed Dec 01 2010, 03:06pm
Joined: Feb 11 2010
Member No: #49
Location: Leicestershire
At least the side windows should avoid being frozen - the most annoying aspect of an iced-up C6 IMO.
Wed Dec 01 2010, 04:16pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
Member No: #1
Location: Northumberland
RichardKC6 wrote ...

At least the side windows should avoid being frozen - the most annoying aspect of an iced-up C6 IMO.

I agree as I thought I was going to break the glass on Monday trying to open the doors.
Wed Dec 01 2010, 08:06pm
Joined: Nov 22 2009
Member No: #15
Despite being the largest model, it still looks a bit small, Dave! I have a car cap somewhere but it was for my Alfa 166 and only lists the C5 as being suitable. I should try it on the C6, I suppose.

Incidentally, Dave, I don't think you'll break the glass opening the door. The window actually pushes the rubber seal out of the way. The problem is when shutting the door. That's when you're at risk of breakage.
Fri Dec 03 2010, 02:28pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
Whilst a bit short for the rear window it's doing it's job well after I found the old luggage net and cut the elastic cord and hooks to use on the door handles.

It was -10c overnight and it was covered in frozen snow, at 10.00 a.m. it was still -5c but after I unclipped it and took it off the windscreen was ice free and I simply started the car and drove away

Real result I felt as it saved all the ice chipping and warming up so saved fuel

BTW Lidl have them on offer in assorted sizes at £4.99, if they haven't already sold out, my local store has.

They will probably all end up on eBay tonight at 4X the price!

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