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I am new here.

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Wed Apr 20 2022, 12:17am
Joined: Apr 20 2022
Member No: #5003
Location: Eindhoven
My name is Maarten and I live in the Netherlands.
I drive a Citroen C6 from 2008 for about one year now. I have my drivers license for about 40 years now and this is my third Citroen.
I have driven an AX and a Xantia.
Why I bought a C6. Well just watch top-gear when Jeremy is doing the horse-race filming.
- Click Here -

It is even YouTube that brought me here when I watched UpnDOWN.

When I bought my C6, the garage has done a front-brake revision, the timing-belt, had the car aligned and had the suspension aligned. And yes I have found a good garage that knows how the C6 works.
Only I live in the south of the Netherlands and the Garage is all the way up north.

I hope to keep the C6 going for a long time.
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Wed Apr 20 2022, 09:29am
Joined: Jan 19 2014
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Location: Cambridge
Hollo and welcome. Great car and good C6 garages are worth the trek!
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