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Vibrations while steering (mostly to the right) + while suspension wobbles

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Sat Mar 26 2022, 11:17pm
Joined: Mar 07 2022
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Location: Bucharest
Hi guys!

I just got myself a 2006 Citroen C6 with 2.7 HDI engine, and not long after I bought it, I've realized two odd things happening on an open road:

1. I get a vibration in the entire car while steering (more to the right, less to the left, but still there) at lower speeds - especially while getting in and out of roundabouts, and this vibration is also felt a bit into the steering wheel; since no crazy issues have been found while the car has been checked underneath by a mechanic, I am asking you guys - has anybody came across this issue and found out what exactly had to be fixed?

2. While I am accelerating on a bumpy road, and the suspension starts to wobble, I feel other (similar) vibration on the front end of the car (especially when the wobble makes the suspension push the nose up); is this related to the issue mentioned at point 1 - like, same thing causing vibrations in both situations? If not, do you have any idea what can cause this one?

Thanks in advance, guys!
Best wishes from Romania!
Wed Jan 04 2023, 11:21am
Joined: Aug 04 2018
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Location: Craiova

For about 2 weeks , i have something similar with what you describe at the first point. But in my case the steering wheel is vibrating only on stand still.

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