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Wed Mar 16 2022, 10:50am
Joined: Mar 09 2022
Member No: #4977
Location: Wiltshire
Hi everyone,

I wanted to drop in here and say 'hello'.

My name is Jamie and I'm based in Wiltshire, UK

I've just bought GL55EOZ from Malcolm at Savoy Garage.

About the car:

It's a 2006 (registered) C6 2.7 Exclusive HDi

According to the ORGA number it was built in November 2005.

I don't know exactly when in 2005 production of the C6 started but this is certainly an early one!

The car is black with a cream interior and has the lounge and concert packs.

I'm the 5th 'keeper' of this C6 with the last chap keeping it for over a decade!

Unfortunately earlier this year it sustained some 'car park' damage to the front bumper.

The car is still usable but the bumper is one of the first things I want to get sorted. Malcolm has managed to find me a replacement bumper so hopefully it won't take too long to get it looking beautiful again!

The next 'niggle' is the '(in)famous' dead instrument panel.

I've got used to driving it with the head-up display and trip computer but I should really get the instruments sorted out.

I see a few companies offering repair services but from reading this forum I see folks recommending Simon Edwards. I see that some of the links for him are now not working but I'm going to 'reach out' to him and if he's still in this line of business then I'd rather support him, as a fellow Citroën enthusiast.

Other than that the car seems to drive okay and it seems that almost everything is working!

I'll work my way through the car to check everything for myself but mainly, for my benefit to familiarise myself with it.

A bit about me:

I'm quite 'hands on' and restore cars as a 'hobby' (a hobby that's got out-of-hand!).

Most of my experience is with older Mercedes models but my 'guilty pleasure' is my 1978 CX 2400 Pallas.

I'm familiar with the older Citroën technology but the C6 is a 'quantum leap' in technological terms so I might be asking you guys for advice from time-to-time.

I look forward to speaking to you all in due course, and if there's anyone in the Wilts/Somerset/Glos area then it might be great to meet for a tea/coffee at some stage.

All the best,


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 cruiserphil (21 March 2022)
Wed Mar 16 2022, 09:56pm
Joined: Jan 05 2015
Member No: #2011
Location: Auckland
Great intro email Jamie,

You sound like a perfect new owner for your C6. I hope you enjoy your experience as much as I enjoy mine on the other side of the planet. I still miss my years of CX ownership, a 79 CX2400 Pallas and 7 years later a CX 2500Gti for the following 14 years.

Cheers Fraser
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 JamieG (18 March 2022)

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