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New from Spain

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Tue Jul 20 2021, 02:47am
Joined: Apr 09 2021
Member No: #4675
Location: Spain
Hello my Name Is Jose.

Not long ago I have bought a Citroën C-6 3.0 HDI with 150,000 km.
I hope to learn a lot in this place and help make the community bigger from the north of Spain.

He had been thinking about buying a C6 for a long time. My first memory of a Citroën with hydropneumatic suspension dates back to a family meal as a child. That day one of my uncles came up with the idea of ​​going down a nearby meadow at high speed with a GS, I found that strange green car with stainless steel fenders that seemed to float on the grass to be beautiful. My father had at that time a Talbot Horizon Diesel that I loved, but that Citroën had something, it left its mark on me.
At age 9, my family bought a BX trd turbo, a marvel in comfort and performance for that time. I could never forget about him. The CX and XM that I saw on the street as a child looked like cars from another planet, I loved them. .
Life took me to several cars of various brands, some reliable and others not so much. The only car I bought new was a VW Golf V 1.9TDI. That car with a reputation as a robust and reliable car, with high resale value and a safe bet, was a real fiasco for me. Many breakdowns and very expensive, a disaster.
Then I had two Mercedes diesels that have given an exceptional result and now that I don't need to do many kilometers I have decided to switch to this whimsical car.
I have been following Facebook groups about the car for years and knew more or less its peculiarities, its reputation is quite bad. Then I registered here and thanks to what you have written, I have spent some sleepless nights consulting with my pillow whether or not to buy the C6. Missing parts, congenital defects, burned instrument panels, cylinder heads, water box, valve bodies from the Aisin boxes ... n.orm: A scary movie.
In the end, I don't know if rightly or wrongly, I ignored the recommendations and she's already home.

I hope I was not wrong or at least not very wrong. At the moment the car has undergone a complete maintenance, with a change of engine fluids and gearbox. It is difficult for me to get used to the size, the automatic transmission and the sensations that the peculiar suspension provides, but for now everything works correctly and pleasantly, and the few trips I have made with it are tremendously satisfactory. I hope it continues like this for quite some time.

A big hug to all and I leave you some photos below.

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 Hattershaun (20 July 2021)
Tue Jul 20 2021, 08:33am
Joined: Dec 19 2010
Member No: #320
Location: Bedfordshire, UK
Welcome to the forum. Plenty of friendly, knowledgeable advice here.
May your new C6 give you much motoring pleasure.
3.0 HDi is the best C6 version in my experience.
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 cruiserphil (21 July 2021)
Tue Jul 20 2021, 09:00am
Joined: Jan 19 2014
Member No: #1548
Location: Cambridge
Welcome Jose. The car looks fantastic and we are all very jealous of your engine!
Wed Jul 21 2021, 10:16am

Joined: Jan 24 2010
Member No: #38
Location: Celbridge
Hello Jose,

Congratulations on your C6. It looks a beauty. Plenty of support and expertise on this forum for all owners to help you on your journey. You made the right choice. I took our 2.7, which we now own 11 years on a longer than usual trip yesterday and the novelty has not worn off. A pleasure every time!!

Best regards,

Phil C.
Sun Jul 25 2021, 11:40pm
Joined: Feb 06 2011
Member No: #364
Location: Huddersfield and Torremolinos Spain
Hi Jose welcome to the C6 fórum i have have a 2.2 model shishas ihave driven down to Torremolinos trice with no problems whatsoever a very enjoyable drive both times it is a car which you will enjoy driving despite the new speed limits which I find somewhat of a problem being so slow regards Norman

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