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Relatively new owner of an C6 2.2 Exclusive

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Fri Apr 16 2021, 06:35pm
Joined: Aug 04 2019
Member No: #4012
Location: West Yorkshire
Hi there. After a succession of Citroens (GSA, Activa, XM - none of which I have yet had the heart to part with!) the other year a 2007 C6 2.2 Exclusive manual came up for sale very near me - perfect spec for me - and, of course, I could not resist. Here she is with the XM:

We managed 4k miles before the pandemic - and some mechanical issues (I've posted about those in The Garage) - so I've barely got used to C6 ownership but am very glad to find this group and all the advice and guidance provided.
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Fri Apr 16 2021, 07:09pm
Joined: Feb 07 2017
Member No: #2994
Location: West London
Hello. I have the same car of the same age and can only be in support for such a vehicle.

I have had mine for over 4 years and 55k miles, inc a week long, 2k trip, around Scotland a couple of years ago and love every moment of it.
Mon Apr 19 2021, 02:03am
Joined: Feb 06 2011
Member No: #364
Location: Huddersfield and Torremolinos Spain
I have a 2.2 automatic also it’s a wonderful vehicle it is a great upgrade from my Xm estate and has been very reliable I’ve had it since 2014 and it’s looked after my Huddersfield Citroen who do a excellent job
Regards Norman
Wed May 19 2021, 01:34pm
Joined: Nov 26 2010
Member No: #299
Location: Wiltshire
Welcome ... your car looks identical to mine and none the worse for that.
I've had mine for 12 years, 240,000 miles and counting, and still can't find something to replace it with. Bought at 2 years old and 5k miles.

I did part with my GSA a year after buying the C6 and have always regretted it. I now see it has an export marker on file so I'm unlikely to be able to buy it back.
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 321dave (19 May 2021)
Wed May 19 2021, 07:22pm
Joined: Feb 03 2018
Member No: #3419
Location: Western Jutland
Hi there.

I have more or less the same combo (C6 2.2 and XM V6 1993 - and a C5 2011).

We have owned the C6 for appr. 3 years now and had absolutely no (serious) issues with it with the exception of a rusty oil sump pan, and it just passed 300.000 kilometres

By far the most reliable Citroen we have ever driven.
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