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Just purchased a C6 from Sydney

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Fri Jan 01 2021, 01:15pm
Joined: Jan 01 2021
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Location: Torquay
Hi Folks.
My name is John and I have always had Citroens starting with a Traction back in the 60s'.
I have always wanted a C6 but has been a little out of my price range. In Oz they rarely go for under $30000.
The car I purchased is from a second-hand dealer in Sydney with 160000klms but with a good Citroen service history so with fingers crossed, hopefully all will be well.
When it gets down to Torquay next week I have comprised a list including new belts, engine and transmission oils etc.
I happily work on motorcycles but will leave this work to a workshop, I have a bike hoist but not a car one and my days underneath a car are over.
The info on this site is fantastic and much appreciated.
My bikes are a Laverda Jota and an SF2 that I have had for over 35 years and a Moto Morini 1200 and a 58 Norton Dominator.
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Sat Jan 02 2021, 06:00pm
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Location: South Queensferry
Hi John and welcome.
Congrat's on the purchase and we'll all keep our for you.

If you haven't looked already, this site will give you a wealth of info on known issues and what to look for.

It's very important to get the cooling system up to spec and retro fit a low coolant alarm. A lot of the plastic bits (thermostat housing and coolant inlet to name but two!) will be at the end of their life and, if not already replaced, should be high on your priority list. After that most things are manageable... if a little expensive at times!

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