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Adding Bluetooth Audio Streaming to RT4/5

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David Hallworth   
Sat Nov 21 2020, 09:40pm

Joined: Apr 16 2010
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Thanks to recommendations from our C6 Owners facebook group, I fitted Bluetooth audio streaming to my C6 today. The device I used is a Fusion BT-100. The first one I got was faulty but was replaced under warranty and this one works perfectly.

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I cut into the cable providing power to the glovebox light and soldered in a short length of cable. This is ideal as it’s a switched 12v feed.

I crimped the socket end of 2 bullet connectors to the end of the short bit of wire. I then drilled a hole in the roof of the glovebox and poked them through. This means that you can remove the glovebox without having something hard soldered in.

The Fusion device then has the male ends of the bullet connectors crimped to it and lives in the storage bin on the front of the glovebox. The red and white RCA connectors connect to the sockets in the glovebox.

The sound is great and appears to work at a decent volume without needing a preamp or anything. I’ve since tied the 12v power cable to the RCA cable just to tidy it up a bit.

All in all, it cost me just over £30 for the BT-100.

My car has the RT5 head unit which already has Bluetooth built in. Thankfully, modern phones can handle 2 Bluetooth connections which means that I can use the RT5 for making/receiving calls and the BT-100 for streaming audio when the head unit is switched to Aux input.
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