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u1308 gear box

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Author Post
Sat Nov 21 2020, 05:15pm
Joined: Dec 05 2013
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Location: Portugal
Dear All

I got u1308 code no comm with gear box.

Any directions do troubleshoot ?

Warm Reagards
Tue Nov 24 2020, 09:17pm
Joined: Mar 13 2016
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Location: Copenhagen
My manual says:
U1308 Fault in communication with the engine ECU on the CAN network : No signal

What that means, sorry - I don't know.
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 MikkelCPH (Yesterday)
Tue Nov 24 2020, 10:54pm
Joined: Dec 03 2018
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Location: Bayern
... there are permanent errors that cannot be deleted - then usually they really have to be repaired.
And there are sporadic errors - delete - wait - hope or not delete and wait, because these errors disappear after several error-free starts.
In the forum there is a detailed list of errors for the various C6 models.
If the error is determined with the vehicle-specific diagnostic device (LEXIA / DIAGBOX), the user receives more information and appropriate information.
Greetings Wolfgang
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 MGmike (Today)

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