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Sat Oct 10 2020, 09:42am

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Have you ever wondered what those numbers on the door tag mean? I will explain right now!

These numbers are the car's APV code, which is related to its production. the APV Code is divided into the following parts:

-Part # 1, digits 1 to 7 - OPR and DAM codes:

They are the day and place of manufacture of the car.

The OPR code is the digits from 1 to 5. It started counting with 4 digits, starting at "0000" on 11/08/1976, and its operation basically consists of how many days have passed since that day, EX: "0001" , if a day has passed, then, 11/8/1976 + 1 day = 11/9/1976. As of January 1994, the OPR code has 5 digits and there are also two digits after these, which refer to the code of the factory where the car was manufactured. By joining the OPR code and the factory code, we get the DAM code.

Factories around the world have digits that vary widely, according to the list:

78 - Porto Real, Brazil.
77 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
81 - Poissy, France
89 - Center de Sochaux, France
CA - Aulnay sois Bois, France
CJ - Rennes la Janais, France
FL - Mangualde, Portugal
FV - Vigo, Spain
U4 - Dangel, France
U6 - Sevel Sud, Italy
U7 - Heuliez, France
U9 - Sevel Nord, Valenciennes, France

-Part # 2, Digits 8 to 12: Number of the assembly line and unit manufactured on the day.

After the DAM code, we see another 5 digits. the first digit is the assembly line number of the factory where the car was assembled, and after that, 4 more digits, which refers to the number of the car produced that day.

-Then follow the example: the APV of the image is:

13001 78 1 0493 EZR, then:

1- 13001 - Manufactured 13001 days after 11/8/1976 = manufacturing date: 6/13/2012.
2- 78 - Made in Porto Real, Brazil.
3- 1 - Assembly line №1
4- 0493 - 493º body manufactured on 06/13/2012 at the Porto Real factory on assembly line №1.
5- EZR - vehicle color reference, in this case, Gris Aluminum.

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