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Newbie & TPMS

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Sun Mar 29 2020, 12:43pm
Joined: Mar 29 2020
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Location: Cheshire
Excuse me for gate crashing a C6 forum.
I've been doing some googling whilst at home on 'lockdown' and it seems this forum is the only forum that seems to have discussion relating to Citroen TPMS reprogramming that would relate to my situation.

I've got a 2019 Citroen Relay with TPMS which has been converted to a campervan.

The sticker on the door pillar tells me the tyre pressure should be 5.5 bar / 79.7 psi on all 4 tyres. This feels and drives way way to high it's like the tyres are filled with concrete.

I've been in touch with Continental for guidance who have suggested the tyres should be run at 65 psi based on size/weights. There are lots of discussions about this problem with Relay/Ducato/Boxer on motorhome forums. So far only one person seems to have managed to get the main dealer to change his values via diagnostics but they won't disclose the dealer.

I've tried two main dealers and a Citroen specialist and none of them are prepared to help.

I appreciate this is a safety system but the reality is the tyres clearly state that they may be inflated to a max of 5.5 bar in certain circumstances.

I've lowered the pressures to 65psi and it is a vast improvement. Obviously this brings the TPMS warning on.

The supplying dealer and manufacturer have both told me to contact the Citroen dealer.

Any help greatly appreciated. I'm prepared to travel if needed as long as it can definitely be changed. Or if somebody can recommend a TPMS diagnostic product that will do it that would also be an option.


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