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C6 - Breaking for parts - 2.7HDi Exclusive 2008

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Mon Mar 09 2020, 09:33am
Joined: Dec 19 2010
Member No: #320
Location: Bedfordshire
Quick update for everyone, afraid I've not been able to get at the car to start dismantling so far.
I'll message you as/ when I've looked at the parts you’ve asked for.
Mon Mar 09 2020, 09:36am
Joined: Jan 24 2020
Member No: #4234
Location: Home
OK, thanks for the update, timeframe?
Mon Mar 09 2020, 06:53pm
Joined: Aug 14 2014
Member No: #1821
Location: Vilnius
Thanks. I'm assuring that I'll keep waiting because it is not extremely urgent. I prefer to support a fellow c6 owners mate rather than some scrapyard.
Tue Mar 10 2020, 12:45pm
Joined: Mar 03 2020
Member No: #4270
Location: Maidenhead
Hi Hattershaun,
I am looking for a replacement Sat Nav screen after a valeting company cleaned the car resulting in the resulting shadow over a third of it.
Is your screen still working / available?
Tue Mar 17 2020, 11:56am
Joined: Dec 13 2018
Member No: #3774
Location: Andover
Dear Hattershaun,

I need the following items, if still available :-

O/S rear wheel arch trim the one that surrounds the rear airbag
O/S Front door card complete with sliding compartment
display unit mine has been losing pixels sometimes not sure if it is faulty, or due to lack of use, I brought the C6 18 months ago, and have only travelled 10 miles, as it keeps throwing up fault, after fault.

Kindest Regards

Sat Mar 21 2020, 01:38pm
Joined: Mar 04 2019
Member No: #3847
Location: Halesowen
Hattershaun wrote ...

I'm breaking for spares the C6 I bought recently, as it's uneconomic to repair.

If you are interested in any parts, please send me a private message of your requirements, I'll compile a list then at some point in the near future I'll dismantle the car. It is in Hertfordshire, UK, if you wanted to collect parts, like body panels.

Hi I looking for front right window glass!

Can you help?

Not sure if I've put this in correct place!

Regards, Dave.
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