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Front suspension overhaul

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Fri Feb 14 2020, 11:34am
Joined: Jan 29 2017
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Location: Shropshire
Hello everyone. I am thinking of overhauling my front suspension with the Febi Kit, and putting on new lower control arms (I know the rear bushes are available, but for an extra £45/ side! I think I will save myself the hassle.

I have read the excellent technical instructions on the site, but can someone just reassure me that

- the upright will come off without removing the suspension leg, and
- the suspension therefore won’t need resetting.

Fri Feb 14 2020, 01:41pm
Joined: May 21 2017
Member No: #3151
Location: South Queensferry
Nigel, I can confirm the Strut (the bit with the oil in it!) does not need to come off. Removing the drop link releases the strut from the rest of the suspension. I recommend putting the suspension in the low position after you have the car on axle stands.

However, I can not confirm the suspension won't need resetting! The hight adjuster is bolted to the lower arm and should go on the new one without issue but.... you never know with a C6.

What else is in the Febi kit?
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 Nigelhirst (17 February 2020)
Mon Feb 17 2020, 11:14am

Joined: Jan 24 2010
Member No: #38
Location: Celbridge
Hello Nigel,

As per MGMike, but if you're changing the lower wishbones you will probably have to reset the vehicle heights. I replaced the wishbone bushes recently and took the car for a test spin before setting heights. Suspension Faulty came up and the suspension went hard. Took the car back, reset the heights (they weren't out by much) and then the car was back to normal.

Best regards,

Phil C.
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 Nigelhirst (17 February 2020)
Tue Feb 18 2020, 08:25pm
Joined: Feb 28 2014
Member No: #1605
Location: Staffordshire
On the subject of suspension ride height adjustments, I've just spent £1300 overhauling front suspension, ( shock absorbers and bushes) and asked the mechanic to make sure he reprogrammed the suspension afterwards. I even gave him a print out of Cruiser Phil's tutorial!!

Suffice to say the suspension is the worst it's ever been, crashing over the slightest ruts, and wobetide anything approaching a pothole or sunken manhole cover! The garage insist they have done everything as requested and I don't want to take it back to people who plainly have put it in the too hard to do box.

Anyone any ideas of a Garage in Staffordshire ( I've moved to Leek) who would have the required knowledge? The frip joints and front spheres were done by B and L autos about 18 months ago and if they weren't a three hour trip away I'd have Robert do it.

Any suggestions much appreciated. Oh I have checked and they have used the right parts.
Wed Feb 19 2020, 08:34am

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
Do a postcode search in the Independent Service Review section - Click Here - and see who is closer.
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 Junksleeper (22 February 2020)
Thu Apr 30 2020, 08:25pm
Joined: Oct 23 2016
Member No: #2836
Location: lichtenburg
im doing my lower control arms and loosened the bolts keeping the height corrector in place so I guess I will have to do the height adjustment, can someone please point me to the write up if re initializing the suspension?
Fri May 01 2020, 08:34am

Joined: Jan 24 2010
Member No: #38
Location: Celbridge
Hello CorneSoutAfrica,

Here is what I had to do when using Lexia. However I have since found using Diagbox that entering the parameters directly as instructed works. See how you get on!!

Best regards,

Phil C.

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