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Parting with YR56 Excl with lounge pack

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Thu Jan 30 2020, 10:04pm
Joined: May 21 2017
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Location: South Queensferry
The time has come to see if there's anyone out there willing to take on YR56 before I break her!

YR56 is Mauritius Blue with Wadibis interior. The car is Mot'd until Oct 20 and has only done 88k miles. However, if you've been reading "The saving of YR56" thread - Click Here - you'll be fully aware of the work I've done over the past two years (including a replacement engine and g'box).

She still has some challenges, most notably the bodywork, the aircon with no gas and one parking sensor fault! But none of these detract from the wonderful ride she provides. Her interior is near spotless with only the drivers seat showing a little wear on the outside bolster and, of course, the dirty cream seat belts!

The bodywork has a few bumps and scratches which let her down a little but nothing major except for the rear panel behind the bumper. As a Cat D repaired vehicle I understand it won't be to everyone's taste but be assured the car drives perfectly and if you can see past the less than perfect repair! It should give many miles of happy motoring.

This car was only ever intended to be a bit of fun to keep me occupied in the evening whilst I was working away from home and it has served it's purpose with distinction. I've now bought GJ59 in the colour and trim combo that I really wanted (Red/Black) and therefore YR56 needs to be passed on so she can be used and (possibly) improved further.

So, what's it worth? I've spent £3k on buying a fixing the things I have and if I can get that back I'll be very happy. That being said, I can see there are a few cars on the market at or around that price that aren't as bodily challenged and I know it's probably worth less than the sum of it's parts! For this reason I'm open to offers.... but won't give it away.

If no one want's it (at a reasonable price) I'll break it to recover as much of my outlay as possible, which to be fair will likely be more that I've spent!

If you're interested PM me and I'll arrange to talk through any questions you may have. If you want to view the car it's located just outside Edinburgh and I'll happily collect anyone at Edinburgh airport or the local train station, Dalmeny.

PS: no idea why the site has rotated the pictures but if you click on them you'll see them right side up....

Admin Edit: Strange, but I downloaded them, rotated them 180 degrees and re uploaded so are OK now.

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