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C6 Lignage

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Sun Sep 15 2019, 03:25pm
Joined: May 03 2010
Member No: #107
Location: Essex
My passion for all things C6 was slightly satisfied today as I decided to go and take a look at this car (as its not too far from me):

- Click Here -

It seems overpriced though, despite its lower mileage? :

It has a small bubble in the paintwork on the passenger door which is quite bizarre and doesn't seem to link to any stone chips.

Also of course being the Lignage it lacks some of the nicer sat nav screen bits inside. I think the Exclusive is a better bet.

Has recently had the front spheres and alternator replaced as well and has a long MOT. Seems to have been owned by someone in the Norwich area as Duff Morgan have been looking after it for many years.

Any thoughts? I think it should be up for more like £4-5k or less.
Mon Sep 16 2019, 01:56pm

Joined: Oct 01 2009
Member No: #1
Location: Northumberland
Cam belt is due to be changed at 10 years so if not done yes the car is too much money in the current market.
Wed Oct 02 2019, 07:00pm
Joined: May 03 2010
Member No: #107
Location: Essex
Thanks very much for the reply. Sorry to go a little off topic from the Lignage, but I've seen this C6 online.

My heart is really falling for this:

- Click Here -

This is identical to the Norev 1:18th model I bought years ago when the C6 was launched. Its always been a fixation of mine this particular colour combination, but this car looks in such good order. Loving the personal plate as well. Low mileage and top condition.

But my head is reading the many posts about the costs of running a C6. Without the cost of £550 per year car tax! Not being mechanically minded either, would mean finding someone to maintain it.

Any forum members who can give their opinion on this would be much appreciated.

I had a 3.0 Jag XF diesel, which was a fantastic engine, so I cannot imagine the 2.7 being disappointing.

I could see it being very nice indeed, but a constant worry about the costs of ownership and parts availability. Maybe I should just sit and look at my Norev model instead!
Wed Oct 02 2019, 07:12pm
Joined: May 03 2010
Member No: #107
Location: Essex
Sorry, do please feel free to move my post to an appropriate area if its off topic.

Reminded me how good my 1:18th scale Norev model is in Mauritius blue:

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 cruiserphil (02 October 2019)
Wed Oct 02 2019, 08:26pm
Joined: Jan 05 2015
Member No: #2011
Location: Auckland
Wow. Two beautiful cars. I haven't seen the model before. It looks extraordinary.

Owning a car like our C6's is about love and appreciation of the individuality and beauty of our cars. Like any thoroughbred there is the potential to be let down, however when well maintained these girls can survive happily to very high mileages. For me, I'm not interested in driving a boring car indistinguishable from the others in the supermarket carpark. In fact I wouldn't park my C6 in the supermarket carpark!
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 cruiserphil (07 October 2019)

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