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Engine Starting Problem

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Tue Aug 06 2019, 08:57pm
Joined: Nov 30 2009
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Location: Midlands
Hi Folks

Appologies for a long post but I'm a bit stuck and would appreciate your thoughts on a problem I have with my c6.

I have a 2.7hdi and just had the timing belt changed. It started and drove perfectly well when I first got it back from the garage.  The next morning I tried to start it and it turned over freely but would not fire up. 

The odd circumstances around this were that for about 3 weeks before the job was done I had hardly used it and then only for a few short trips - but it was working fine.  We then went on holiday and took it to a garage the day we left - the belt was changed the day after arriving. This meant it stood for another week before we got home. A few months back I had put in a new higher output battery ~ found out it still had its original battery.

Citroen diagnosis have been run on it with a few non related errors cleared, Immobaliser and keys have been checked and are ok. There was only one electronic plug disconnected under bonnet for the belt change which was reconnected.

One thing that was picked up is that something is drawing/leaking approx 2.5 volts.

The garage thought it was possibly a dodgy earth confusing the car electronics in some way or possibly the starter motor bearings starting to go and taking more power than it should. The garage has taken the car back in, charged the battery and it started and ran fine for a number of starts. Then it reverted back to not starting but turning over freely. It was then recharged and the same thing happened.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Wed Aug 07 2019, 08:16am
Joined: Sep 20 2016
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Location: West Mids
Hi Dave.

Looking at it logically (if that's possible with a C6), it was working fine until you had the belt changed, after which it wasn't. That clearly suggests the issue is something related to the belt change.
I don't remember from when I did mine, but is there really only one electrical connection to unplug when doing the belt ? I seem to recall there was an awful lot of stuff to shift to fully get at the job. I would start by checking every electrical connector you can see in the vicinity and confirming they are fully home, particularly if there is a crank position sensor around the lower pulley.

Should your electrical loss read in amps rather than volts ? A tired atarter shouldn't give a continuous current drain; if it was it would more likely be the solenoid than the starter. The boring way to arrive at the issue is to pull the fuses one at a time until the drain disappears. I'd start with the radio / CD fuse(s).

Wed Aug 07 2019, 08:25am

Joined: Oct 01 2009
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Location: Northumberland
If the engine is spinning over but not firing then the place to start is fuel supply.

A Diesel works by compressing the fuel until it explodes, no spark required.

So is it getting diesel, have you checked the fuel filter etc.?

If there is fuel passing to the filter the next thing would be power to the injectors?
Wed Aug 07 2019, 05:40pm
Joined: Nov 30 2009
Member No: #17
Location: Midlands
Chaps thanks for your response.

Must admit my initial thought was it was a belt problem but when the engine fires up it runs and drives as it should. Before the garage dropped it back it was test driven which was why the garage was baffled when I called them back. And when I drove it the first time it was absolutely fine.

On the under bonnet disassembly/assembly. The mechanics words were that there was a lot of stuff he had to move to do the belt but only one electrical plug had to be undone. Since he has taken it back in he has checked through the whole job and can't find anything.

I believe he said volts and not amps but I didn't question it at the time. On the power drain - he didn't say when it was losing the power ie when engine was running or when it was starting. That's a good one I need to clarify.

At the moment I actualy feel it might be the starter because when he came to recover it from my drive he charged it a little and it fired up and ran first time, he drove it onto the trailer! Back at the garage it started a few more times and then it reverted back to turning over and not firing. I'm also wondering if this could have been what actualy killed the original battery and the new more powerful one was able to mask the problem - for a while..

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