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New 2.2 Manual Owner - Worcestershire

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Fri Jun 21 2019, 04:26pm
Joined: Apr 24 2019
Member No: #3903
Location: Worcestershire

I am a long standing Citroën enthusiast, having owned the following during the last 45 years

8 x DS
2 x CX
3 x BX
1 x XM
1 x AX
1 x Visa
2 x Xantia
3 x C5

I decided that before I retire, I would like to try "The C6 Experience", and started to casually look around, hopefully for a 3.0 Diesel (fat chance, I hear you say....)
Earlier this year, I just missed a lovely Blue 3.0 Petrol sold by a local dealer (who had probably never seen one before!).
I believe they are quite rare.
A few months later my attention was drawn to a 2.2 manual car being sold privately by a Citroën enthusiast, not far from where I live.
I hadn't thought about a 2.2, or indeed a manual, but I knew the engine to be fairly bullet-proof (from one of my C5's), and the lower road tax was attractive.
I arranged a test drive, saw the FSH receipts (including Cam Belt change), and the 4 new Primacy tyres, and price seemed right so I bought it.
So since April this year, I am the owner of a Black '07-plate C6 2.2 manual apparently also quite rare in this country.

In it went to my preferred garage, The French Car Centre in Cheltenham, for a Full Service & check-up.
All OK, except the A/C wasn't working right, despite the previous owner having it re-gassed just prior to sale.
Regassing again didn't fix it, so I arranged for the car to go in for a full investigation & fix.
Solution was to replace the condenser, which cost about £500 parts & labour, but the A/C now works perfectly.

Next requirement was to put in a decent audio system with DAB radio & CD & USB & Bluetooth.
The car came wired with a Parrott system, which looked too messy & complicated to me.
Also the normal radio & CD sound was dire, in my opinion.
I contacted MotorMods in Cheltenham who had fitted DAB to 2 of my C5's and chose a Pioneer 9800 single DIN unit.
They couldn't see a single-DIN fascia listed to fit the C6, but I had a spare C5 replacement fascia and discovered that it was an exact fit in the C6.
(Actually, I did obtain a replacement black one from Ebay, as the original was gunmetal grey).
So that was fitted, together with a compatible steering wheel control stalk, and an internal DAB aerial in the rear nearside quarter light.
It all works splendidly, including the hands-free phone connection via Bluetooth, and playback of FLAC files via USB.

I requested MotorMods also to look at the possibility of remapping the ECU, as I had had this done successfully on a Xantia and a C5.
After looking into it, they told me it couldn’t'; be done in situ; they would have to remove the unit and reprogram it out of the car.
This would of course entail more expense. Has anyone had any experience of this?

Apart from the usual benefits of re-mapping such as smoother power curve & improved mpg, I wondered whether it may help to sure the following 2 niggles:

a) The engine very occasionally seems to cut out (misfire?) momentarily, and picks up immediately.
I believe it mostly happens in 3rd gear when accelerating, but not always.
The first time it happened I thought it had jumped out of gear, but this is not the case.
I am well used to big Citroën idiosyncrasies, but have never experienced this before.
Might remapping fix this?

b) I am having trouble also with the cruise control cutting out and not being resettable unless the car is restarted.
A search on this forum reveals that this seems to be a common problem and I have noted the suggested "cures".
Neither moving the steering wheel in, out, up & down, nor loosening the wires in the column seems to affect a permanent fix.
Should I remove all the outer sheathing from the wires?
I had cruise control on my last C5 and that used to cut out occasionally, but that was an after-market fitting.
Surely cruise control is controlled by the ECU, so maybe remapping would help?

It may not be a concours car, I am well pleased with the car and don't regret buying it at all.

Any help or suggestions with the above 2 issues would be appreciated.


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 MikkelCPH (21 June 2019) , cruiserphil (24 June 2019)
Fri Jun 21 2019, 06:40pm
Joined: Feb 07 2017
Member No: #2994
Location: West London
Firstly congratulations on the C6 especially as the 2.2 manual. Few and far between, I should know as I own an 07 version also!

Remapping is a re-write of the ECU, though mine was completed through the OBD port without the ECU having to be taken out. However, my experience is mixed, remapping sounded great on paper but it is really based on upping the boost level so you only see any performance gains at high rpms, not where I drive normally. But nice to know that there is that extra performance available when needed.

Mis-fire is new to me, all I can suggest is changing the fuel filter first if not completed recently.

Cruise control for me was fixed by moving the steering wheel in out and up down to extremes and touch wood no issues since.

Though I am interested in the audio mod you have completed as bluetooth would be a nice option and I agree that I hate the added in parrot phone system, messy wiring job completed and I will aim to take it out tomorrow.

Hope all goes well.

Would be nice to meet up, I am planning to be in Hereford in early July so don't know if you are too far from the area.
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 DSPallas (27 June 2019)
Sat Jun 22 2019, 08:18pm
Joined: Feb 27 2019
Member No: #3844
Location: Scotland
Hi DSPallas and welcome. I'm just coming up to 3 months ownership of an '07 2.7 Lignage and loving it, despite some already hefty bills!

As far as your cruise control goes, a well aimed thump on the underside of the steering column brings it back to life. There's a plastic flap on the top of the column, just behind the wheel, if this is loose then you know that this 'fix' has been used before! This has always worked for me but I will be carrying out the proper fix very soon.

I hope you enjoy your C6 and it would be interesting to hear from someone with such extensive Citroen experience just what differences there are in the ride, compared with previous big Citroens.
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 DSPallas (27 June 2019)
Wed Jun 26 2019, 08:56am
Joined: Feb 06 2011
Member No: #364
Location: Huddersfield and Torremolinos Spain
Welcome to the world of C6 2.2s I’ve had mine for over 5 years now and it’s great plenty of power when it’s needed the cutting out I’ve never experienced I’ve had it fail a couple of times but Citroen fixed it easily the same day a faulty fuel filter and a blockage in the fuel line.
The cruise control stopping working was fixed by moving the steering wheel through all of its travel back and forth and up and down and hasn’t been a problem since in 5 years.
If you want to see what I’ve spent and what I’ve done re maintain do a search on here..
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 DSPallas (27 June 2019)
Thu Jun 27 2019, 08:59am
Joined: Apr 24 2019
Member No: #3903
Location: Worcestershire
Thanks all for your replies to my post.

I'm sorry I have taken so long to reply, but I've been on holiday the South of France, on a campsite with a flaky Internet connection!

I'm back now having done 2000+ miles in the car, mostly at high speed along the autoroutes.

The car was fine except that unfortunately, the Cruise Control was unreliable.
Sometimes it would work after a restart for 10 mins then cut -out.
Other times it would not work at all for a couple of days, despite doing the steering wheel, in & out, up & down routine.
Must get to the bottom of this.....

Although we had no problems, I'm convinced I need a re-map or a tune up, or something.
It seems to perform better when cold, with good power delivery though the gears from the off.
When up to temperature, the power doesn't seem to come on until about 3000 rpm which can be awkward.
Any ideas?

I have done the journey to the same area for about 20+ years now, and I must say it is the least fatiguing car to drive in 6 hour stints (with comfort breaks). The Xantias & C5's were fine, but this is better!

Jas16 - Yes a meet-up in July would be good - I'll send you a PM

Candide - what do you suggest as "the proper fix" for the Cruise Control problem?

Norman - I'll take a look at your posts


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 cruiserphil (27 June 2019)

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