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Engine Oil Pump - should it be renewed ?

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Tue May 28 2019, 11:43am
Joined: Jul 17 2012
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Location: Bergen
There are stories of C6 with engine "sudden death" linked to oil circulation. Both with 2.7 and 3.0. There are some stories about weakness in a crankshaft bearing and some incidents with the oil pump. Should we change the oil pump before 200 000 km? I suppose it can be done without taking the engine out and without too much work (The crankshaft bearing is another story) Any experiences or opinions?
Tue May 28 2019, 02:11pm
Joined: Feb 14 2017
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Location: Tampere
I will keep changing oil and filter after every 20 km in summer and in winter every 15 tkm.
After every change oil level has been on a tiny bit higher level than it was with new oils.Some diesel in it? Do not overfill.
I know that in some cases failures had happened few tkm after oil change but still 30 tkm is too much.
Check oil level regulary.

Tue May 28 2019, 06:54pm
Joined: May 21 2017
Member No: #3151
Location: South Queensferry
There's a lot of evidence to suggest a weakness in the oil/pump/crankshaft areas, just look at the number of landi, Jag XF's, C6's etc with failed bottom ends. There is a large number of eBay listings for re-conditioned engines which suggests a significant market potential for work!

However, there's little information on the true cause! I suspect it's due to wear caused by particles in the oil which is exacerbated by relatively high mileage between changes (although there have been failures at low mileages as well!).

My recommendation would be to replace the oil pump as a service item at circa 160 tkm if you use the standard Citroen service interval. I change oil and filter at 10k miles (16 tkm) and I'm hopeful it'll only need a pump replaced at circa 150k miles.

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 Tjensen (29 May 2019)
Wed May 29 2019, 07:30am
Joined: Jul 17 2012
Member No: #954
Location: Bergen
Is it possible to discover weakness in the pump ? (checking oil pressure, maybe ??)

In my first DS the oil lamp started to light up at idle, indicating low pressure (but I only ensured high quality oil at 10 000km intervals and had the car for 120 000 km without problems)
Wed May 29 2019, 11:32am
Joined: Apr 03 2016
Member No: #2584
Location: Kildare
My Uncle's best friend was head mechanic at a Mercedes dealership for over 25 years. I've never forgotten him telling me that no car should do over 10k kms between oil change.

We have a Ford Focus 1.4 petrol that I have always changed the oil at 10k. The car currently has 396,000 kms on it. Same with a Laguna 1.8 I had. There was 200k miles on it when I stopped driving it. Same with an Audi A4 - over 200k miles on it. Never had any issues with them.

As my Uncle's friend says - oil is cheaper than an engine.
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 Fraunie (29 May 2019) , cruiserphil (30 May 2019)
Wed May 29 2019, 09:19pm
Joined: Jan 05 2015
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Location: Auckland
Agreed Keith as would my mechanic.
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 cruiserphil (30 May 2019)
Thu May 30 2019, 09:28am

Joined: Jan 24 2010
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Location: Celbridge
Hello Tjensen,

Same thoughts here as KeithC and FraserG. Could oil pump failures be related to cars which have lived on the extended oil change frequency?

Best regards,

Phil C.
Sat Nov 02 2019, 08:37pm
Joined: Jul 17 2012
Member No: #954
Location: Bergen
The oil pump spare part is upgraded 10-15 % in capacity. That is maybe a sign of something ? If it is not too expensive I will change it sometimes after 200 000 km
Sat Nov 02 2019, 09:24pm
Joined: Aug 29 2019
Member No: #4047
Location: Roskilde
Another issue with the oilpump, is the oilpump house that has a mount for one of the cambelt pullys, the new oilpump are reinforced in that area, I don't remember what year the new oilpump was fitted to the 3.0, 2011 maybe.
The new oilpump can be found for less than 100£ on fleebay:
- Click Here -

Pully mount are on top of the housing, the recomandation is to change around 200.000 km, all cars with broken pully mount, had passed 200.000 km.

The crankshaft problems are caused by a weak spot on the crank, it was not maschined correctly at one spot, all broken cranks seems to break at the exact same place, you can almost switch pices from 2 broken cranks, and they will fit together.

If you try to avoid vibrations in the engins, keeping an eye on your injectors not failing, and crank pully, the risk of crank trouble shold be quite low.
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 321dave (03 November 2019) , cruiserphil (04 November 2019) , Tjensen (6 Days ago)

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