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Under tray.

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Mon Apr 15 2019, 10:46am
Joined: Mar 04 2019
Member No: #3847
Location: Halesowen
Hi, my car (I've just had it) seems extremely loud! Especially on load. As if the air cleaner has been removed! Sort of induction sound!
I've noticed there's no engine Under tray, does that make that much difference to sound deadening?
Mon Apr 15 2019, 11:40am
Joined: Apr 03 2016
Member No: #2584
Location: Kildare
Have you checked to see if the air-filter is missing? Or if you have an air leak somewhere.

When I got my car I was missing the under-tray and I cannot remember if it made much difference to the noise when I got a replacement. It probably did a bit but more importantly it keeps the engine bay protected from water and also keeps the heat generated in the 'bay as a warmer environment means a better running engine.

Also is the sound deadening material on the underside of the bonnet?
Mon Apr 15 2019, 12:17pm
Joined: Mar 04 2019
Member No: #3847
Location: Halesowen
Thanks, I've checked filter, and all possible induction leaks. That's the first thing I thought of. It's no where near as quiet as my c5! I was hoping for improvement by fitting Under tray! all bonnet insulation in place!
It certainly not the Ciroen I expected it to be!
Mon Apr 15 2019, 04:57pm

Joined: Jan 24 2010
Member No: #38
Location: Celbridge
Hello Dowen,

What engine is in your car? The undertray does make a difference and as Keith says it protects the engine bay.

Best regards,

Phil C.
Tue Apr 16 2019, 07:56am
Joined: Dec 11 2009
Member No: #21
Location: Scotland
For sound deadening, there are small pads that fit over the injectors on each head, the plastic engine trim cover which is a heavy sound absorbing design and the underbonnet sound barrier. Are any of these missing or damaged.
Sun Apr 21 2019, 02:20pm
Joined: Sep 20 2016
Member No: #2793
Location: West Mids
Hi Dowen.

Worth checking you haven't got a split or loose hose / connector on the run from the intrcooler to (or at) the inlet Y piece. (Assuming it's a 2.7 or 3.0) That definitely gives a perceptible noise anf if you've only pottered round town you might not notice the missing grunt.

After a leak curing session, I'm presently running mine without the undertray and haven't noticed any difference in noise. If you do fit the tray it's well worth getting new clips and push studs; makes the job a lot easier.

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