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Engine Coolant Sensor Refit per Vaho

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Tue Mar 05 2019, 09:17pm

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Having installed the coolant sensor in the 2.7Hdi, I started looking at fitting the 3.0HDi. I believe connections are there in the engine fusebox but unfortunately I cannot find an engine coolant sensor (missing/present) option in the BSI menu on Diagbox or Lexia. I compared BSI part numbers on both cars and they are different - 9654425680 (2.7HDi) v. 9664058780 (3.0HDi). The software version on the 2.7HDi is 09.84 and on the 3.0HDi is 8.22. It looks like the only hope is to pick up a different unused BSI input if there is one? But I'm open to other ideas from those who know more about BSI matters.

Best regards

Phil C.

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